ZeroS wins the SCOOP-18-H, worth $ 174,375

By Ucatchers

It did not take us a day to find company for Adrián Mateos in the Fue ZeroS record, in front of 15,000 spectators, but it could also be que_te_crio.

Zeros, making history

Zeros, making history

In the Spring Championship of Online Poker there are no transition days, from what you can see.

Wednesday, in particular, is usually a day of rest for the regulars of the MTT lobby which, however, gave us the first title for Spanish exiles in this edition. On Thursday, we almost doubled productivity: title for Elías Gutiérrez and heads-up with final defeat for Javier Fernández “que_te_crio”.

The ZeroS thing, which is nicknamed “SinKarma” at Pokerstars, is a true sociological phenomenon never seen before in our poker.

The videos that Elías edited about his punctures of more than $ 100,000 in SCOOP 2019 are among the most visited in the history of his YouTube channel, and he knows well the amount of content and exposure that these festivals can generate. The spirit with which he approached this SCOOP brought together peaks of 6,000 people in his Twitch streams during the first days of the festival.

These figures are already something rarely seen in Spanish poker channels, and placed him among the elite of the platform. In addition, Elías has not failed when it comes to doing ITMs and achieving 2 days, which has loyal his audience.

Yesterday, with a final table secured at a $ 5,200 tournament As a claim, starting from a privileged position with the second largest stack and surrounded by some luxury extras such as Sami Kelopuro, Pavel Plesuv or Patrick Leonard, hordes of new fans joined the appointment, who They ended the night with a historic triumph in front of more than 15,000 spectators. The peak of viewers in the entire poker category was just over 50,000 viewers. One in three was seeing Elijah.

The climax of the stream was the final hand that certified the defeat of Renan Carlos Bruschi, to which ZeroS will also have a lot to thank for the number of fans that Brazilian poker moves on Twitch, and who surely helped to increase the figures Elías collected $ 174,375, and the carioca was left with $ 120,000.

Other Spaniards who cashed in the tournament were “gordon0410“(8th, $ 18,750),”sraxakgirone“(12th, $ 15,000) and”Malaka $ tyle“(18th, $ 13,125).

He was about to square a second tournament in this magnificent day for Spanish poker.

“que_te_crio” I had also made an appointment for a day 2, in the SCOOP-20-H 8-Max PKO $ 1,050. He was the one with the least chance of winning per stack of our three representatives, as he started in 40th place out of 64 players. Juan Pardo “Malaka $ tyle” (26th, $ 3,679) and Lander Lijó “tua133” (49th, $ 4,043) were invited to leave without much consideration, but Javi made his way to the final

The balance of the bounties of the first five classified speaks clearly of how complicated “que_te_crio” had it, but the Spanish stood in heads-up against the Russian Rinat Lyapkin “Zapahzamazki”, who lived his 15 minutes of fame a couple of years ago with his bankroll challenges on Twitch. Javi was left with $ 46.1467 in shared prize money and $ 10,000 in bounties, and the equality of the FT also did not allow elimination rewards to come close to position awards.

In the international press, these feats that inflame us do not seem so much if we compare them to what happened yesterday in the lobby.

We have only been racing for five days and the Montenegrin Dejan Kaladurdevic won for the third time in an NLHE tournament and in a High category. He won the SCOOP Kickoff PKO $ 530, he did it again in the SCOOP-11-H and this morning he completed the triplet in the SCOOP-17-H DeepStacks $ 1,050.

As if that were not enough, the Finnish Jussi Nevantinna “calvin7v” scored a very particular double in the same event. He demonstrated a masterful command of a game as technical as Limit Omaha Hi / Lo, and prevailed at the Low and High levels of the SCOOP-21.

Finished (> $ 500k. Top 50):

  • SCOOP # 17-H Deep Stacks $ 1,050: Dejan Kaladurdevic leavelc357“(Montenegro) Field: 277 records. Best Spanish:”Without Karma“(18th, $ 2,812).
  • SCOOP # 18-M 7-Max 530 $: “Rosted“(Denmark, 68,235 *). Field: 899 records. Best Spanish:”Dove“(10th, $ 6,203)
  • SCOOP # 20-M 8-Max PKO 109 $: Pedro Madeiragusmaa“(Brazil, $ 41,283). Field: 4,753 records.
  • SCOOP # 24-H 8-Max 530 $ + R: Andrey novakAnjeyyy“(Ukraine, $ 83,389). Field: 290 records. Best Spanish:”Malaka $ tyle“(26th, $ 4,079)
  • SCOOP # 25-H 8-Max Turbo $ 1,050: Sami Kelopuro Lrslzk“(Finland, $ 70,557). Field: 390 records. Best Spanish:”NutsInMacadá“(30th, $ 2,776)

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