Yaman Nakdali and Juan Pardo leave the weekend triumphant at GGPoker

By Ucatchers

Mario Navarro closes the trio of players with prizes of more than $ 10,000 in the tournaments on Sunday of the Asian operator.

Nakdali hit six figures (Mix Fight)

Nakdali reached six figures (Mix Fight)

The great performances of the spanish players in this second weekend of the year it has forced us to repeat news of punctures in the “.com”.

We opened with the successes of Vecino and Reixach on Pokerstars and we have to switch now to GGPoker, PS’s main competitor in the area of ​​online MTTs worldwide.

The Negreanu room has left us three very remarkable news, all with prizes of more than $ 10,000. The differences in the final prizes help us to establish a ranking of preponderance of results.

In this pecuniary classification, the first place is reserved Yaman Nakdali “farmer77”.

The player and professional wrestler spent 13 hours in front of the monitor to reach the final heads-up of the GGMasters High Rollers 1,050, which exceeded $ 1M in stock thanks to the presence of 1,065 players.

The only one of them who resisted Yaman was Israeli Dorel Eldabach, a specialist in PLO, a discipline in which he went head-to-head for a WSOP bracelet online last summer. The two letters should also be given well to Mr. Eldabach, who relegated Yaman to a second place awarded with $ 110,991.

Nakdali, a Valencian of Syrian origin who made himself known at EPT Barcelona 2009, has already accumulated $ 633,000 in prizes at GGPoker.

Next on the list is Juan Pardo, who at GGPoker uses his second surname. He got a win again, as he has done daily since the beginning of the year, with only one exception that comes to mind. A tournament won in three days, yes, but Juan took Friday and Saturday off, so he maintains the sovereign winning streak with which he is punishing the lobby.

This Sunday the High Rollers Blade Prime $ 2,625, one of the usual and expensive. These are the ones that have to balance from time to time to maintain a healthy earnings ratio. The $ 55,745 are the best figure of this week for Juan, who reaches them thanks to defeating 95 rivals.

Malaka also signed a seventh place in the mirror tournament that closes the day, the High Rollers Blade Closer $ 2,625 (60 players, $ 8,207).

Same position, but slightly better reward, got Mario Navarro “St @ edtLer” on the Sunday Bounty King $ 315.

The buy-in difference must be fought with records, and this tournament had 1,595. It was not the same marathon as Nakdali’s but almost 11 hours are also a good beating. In the end, the effort rented Mario a check from $ 10,443.

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