World of Tanks

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Hello, dear readers of Wincatchers. Welcome to our review of World of Tanks a fascinating video game that takes part on our list of the best esport games 2020. This title combines shooter games with classic features, as you see in the fact that the developers made use of tanks, a piece of armoured warfare from the 1930s.

This fantastic esport game is presented as a MMO, a massively multiplayer online game, in which you have to drive tanks and take your position in wars versus other also armoured competitors in different areas.  It is different from the regular first.person shooter games, such as Halo, in the sense that you are driving a tank! Perhaps this is the secret for World of Tanks to be really successful.

What is World of Tanks

World of Tanks is one of the most particular video games of the last decade, in which it is necessary to underline the importance of the transition from a being an armoured simulator combat into a really amazing competitive esport to enjoy all around the globe.

As a player, you have to play a military operator role and you have to use one of the four different classifications armoured vehicles that were built from the WWI, the Great War, to the Cold War (1930s – 1960s). Ones you choose your tank, you start in a map in a random position. The objective is to coordinate team movements and make use of you weaponry to defeat enemy players.

There are multiple game modes with varying objectives. For example, you have to eliminate all your opposing tanks or you have to capture an enemy base defeating your opponent defenses. In addition to this, you have another beautiful choice: you can play one-versus one or take part of a team combat, as a part of a platoon of up to 15 other players, and all of it in a massive battlefield.

World of Tanks Vehicles

One of the the most salient thing about World of Tanks, and perhaps the main reason for its vast popularity, is the attention the producers give to every detail with every vehicle. In the game, you can have over 400 armored vehicles from several countries, such as Britain, China, Czechoslovakia, France, Germany, Japan, Poland, the Soviet Union, Sweden and the United States among others.

What is more, you have access to an available custom option to change some tank parts (tracks, guns and engine included), and also to modify the tank performance and itsappearance. So, if you love tanks, there is no doubt that it is your game. According to dimensions, you can find the following categories:

  • Light Tanks:

If you need flankers or scouts, lights tanks are your best option, as they are fast and small armoured vehicles. On the mini-map, they are represented by a solid green or red diamond.

  • Medium Tanks:

They are the most versatile tanks, as they are balanced for multiple roles and tactics. On the mini-map, they are represented by a two-piece green or red diamond.

  • Heavy Tanks:

They are big and heavy and you can have a great firepower with them at expenses of maneuverability and speed. On the mini-map, they are represented by a three-piece green or red diamond.

  • Tank Destroyers:

These are specialised vehicles. You can use  best used for destroying heavy tanks at the cost of fast aiming and traversal speed. On the mini-map, they are represented by a green or red inverted triangle.

  • Self-propelled guns (SPG):

These kind vehicles focus on artillery. They have a long-range firing capability but with a slow reload times and vulnerability. On the mini-map, they are represented by a green or red square.

How to bet in the War of Tanks League

The War Gaming League Competition World of Tanks is the Professional eSports League for World of Tanks NA and EU regions. This competition includes massive tournaments and six-figure prize-pools. The tournament development is based on a ladder system with different steps: the Open, Bronze, Silver, and Gold Leagues.

Even though there are small differences according to regional settings, the kinds of bets that you can do in this esport game remain the same, so let’s give a look at the possibilities.

  • Match winner/moneyline: It is the simplest bet you can do here. You should only give support the team you think that wins the match in question. You have to pay attention to past performance and roster changes. Hit the winner does not offer the best money, but it is a good starting point.
  • First blood: That is an interesting option. You place your bet on the the team that scores the first enemy killing.  You know that it is not easy to predict, so you need to be confident and make your choice.
  • Map winner: In this case, you should place your bet on which team wins an individual map.  It is strongly recommended for you to have a vast knowledge of the game and the teams playing to use this option. It is a great chance for fans!

As you have seen, This impressive shooter game with tanks is a marvelous option for you to play and to place your bets on. You have a wide range of variations that make the game even more attractive. We hope you liked our review on this esport game that millions of players all around the globe enjoy.

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