Wild Rift version 2.0 arrives full of Yordles

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FullEsports - Wild Rift version 2.0 arrives full of Yordles

Wild Rift has been in for a month now in the memory of our mobiles and many players of the pc version miss their favorite champions with whom to walk through the qualifying games. There is good news for them. Here are the first changes for 2021 in version 2.0 of Wild Rift.

Yordles in Wild Rift version 2.0

This version is loaded with champions of all roles, although all are known Yordles of the older brother of the game.

We start with Corki, the daring bomber

Corki he is a shooter somewhat out of the standards. On the one hand, the passive gives him a powerful mobility that, taking him to the center line, becomes the terror of the laterals. On the other hand, his skill set has good wave cleaning and with the ultimate he can do a lot of damage from a distance.

Kennen, the heart of the tempest

The skill set of Kennen makes him especially good on the sidelines. It is often paired with the team for ambushes due to its area damage and its ability to paralyze enemies.

Tristana, the Yordle Gunner

As its title indicates, Tristana She fulfills her role as a marksman in the lower lane of the map. His skill kit grants him explosive damage, good mobility, and the ability to dispose of the deadliest champions. It is also excellent for besieging and knocking down enemy towers.

Lulu, the fairy sorceress

This champion is a very good option for players who prefer to let their ally do the necessary damage to win the game. His skills are focused on protecting his companion from the lower lane and hindering enemies.

Teemo the speedy scout

Lastly, one of the most iconic champions in League of Legends, although not always loved. Teemo takes advantage of his mobility and his map control to deal damage from the top of the rift. He doesn’t take advantage of team battles, but he can do a lot of damage by dropping turrets and running away when enemies make the unfortunate decision to pursue him.

Quality features

Riot continues to update the mobile version to establish a quality standard through small improvements. Among the novelties we can find a group finder, a new ilatency indicator and a system of “response to alerts”.

Role selection is still on our minds but it will take a little more time. Note that there are many features that improve the quality of life in the
game. We continue! https://t.co/oumZK3rU1w

– Ricardo Kails (@RicardoKails) January 5, 2021

Looking ahead, Riot has announced a role selector for starting search, a requirement to keep the peace at least in the selection of champions. In the competitive section, with the end of season 0, On January 8, Season 1 will be activated, with the partial ranking restart similar to the first Riot game.

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