Wild Rift arrives loaded with news for this new season 2021

By Ucatchers

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Riot Games has delighted us with a live full of news for this 2021 and Wild Rift was not going to be less. All existing games so far from the company will receive major changes. Let’s see the most important:

The first of the news is the arrival of servers to America for the month of March. In this way, a new audience will have the opportunity to try the latest of Riot Games’ news.

The news in Wild Rift will appear month by month

Another of the news that has excited us the most is the appearance of new champions recognizable to all. We have had the opportunity to see in-game both Katarina, Rammus and Dr. World with interesting news. Both have abilities that can collide with the controls on a mobile phone, but from Riot they have ensured that they will adapt. Proof of this is Katarina’s ultimate, which she throws as she advances. The intention of the developers is to release two new champions per month.

If we keep talking about surprises and news, we must point out the largest for part of the community. The Arrival of the Aram map to Wild Rift it will delight the most casual public. In addition, they have commented that they are working to improve the gaming experience. They are studying how improve the position system within games.

Katarina will be one of the new arrivals soon at WR | Source: Riot Games

Last but not least, they have commented on the future of the game for this 2021. Wild Rift will also have their events and own skin line. Riot has used a cinematic of champions to explain that in the future they will be in the game with new skins. Some of these were Corki, Tristana, Lulu or Teemo.

With the arrival of the new season, all games have started their qualifying queues. In the case of Wild Rift, the reward for reaching gold will be a Victorious Tryndamere skin. Little by little news will appear for a year that is interesting.

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