Why favorites bet on the Starcraft II tournament?

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Attention Starcraft II fans, one of the dates of the year is about to arrive. The IEM Katowice lands this year stronger than ever, with more awards than in previous editions and with more top-level players and competitions. The Blizzard title thus returns to Poland in a big way, with important news.

Around seventy players from around the world will give their all in StarCraft II IEM Katowice 2019 to try to win the biggest prize offered in the game’s history (with the exception of the StarCraft II World Championship Series).

As for the prizes, the amounts have nothing to envy to the great events of the circuit. There is a $ 500,000 jackpot for the best teams and players. $ 150,000 for the first classified, 65,000 for the second and 25,000 for the third and fourth, respectively. That is, all the meat is put on the grill to see what will be the best games of 2019 as far as Starcraft is concerned.

This is the perfect place to place your eSports bets.

In short, it is a golden opportunity to search, compare and get the best offers on the market to bet on your favorite players. In this article we give you clues so that you can choose the best options.

And there will be a lot to choose from. Competitors from Europe, North America and Korea attend the event. Much to choose from on every continent. One thing is clear. The opponent to beat is Joona “Serral” Sotala, champion of the WCS Global Champion. But of course, you never know in this type of tournaments, since there are new players who can give the bell.

IEM Katowice 2019 | Starcraft II: Dates

All the action takes place from February 25 to March 3, 2019. It will be a few days with a full schedule of matches between the toughest rivals at the international level. Many heavyweights in the video game industry have announced their presence.

  • February 25 and 26: the round of 76 is disputed. The excitement of this round will be broadcast from the studios of the ESL Arena Katowice.
  • From February 28 to March 1: Next, the group stage will take place between him in the Auditorium of the ICC Katowice.
  • March 3rd: The most anticipated day. The semifinals and the final are played on this day.

That is to say, there is very little left for the action to begin … do you already have your favorite players? Which of them are you going to bet on?

Who will win?

Starcraft 2 Betting eSports Image

IEM Katowice 2019: betting odds

All eyes are on this tournament for several reasons. In addition to the quality of the participants, one of the factors that are attracting the most attention is that decisions are awaited on the next steps in the future of the saga.

For now, Starcraft II will have a leading role in the various competitions 2019 will once again be a year in which it will not be lacking in the competitive scene, starting with IEM Katowice itself.

On the other hand, last BlizzCon marked a change in the annals of StarCraft II tournaments, as Jooana ‘Serral’ Sotala was crowned the first non-Korean player in the World Finals.

All these circumstances mean that the bookmakers have had to update their odds taking into account a new podium of favorites and a competition in which there can be many surprises. In fact, “unexpected” players are already a tradition in these tournaments, so do not lose sight of any player who surprises in the rounds leading up to the semifinals.

“Start time displayed in: GMT or GMT +1 during daylight saving time. Betting odds presented by Bet365. Read more about betting on eSports at Bet365. Attention: Odds shown are for guidance only and are subject to change from bet365. Please check the odds on the bet365 site before placing any bets.

Which players to bet on?

If a name had to be highlighted, it would be Jooana ‘Serral’ Sotala. He is the first non-Korean player in the Starcraft II World Finals.

The very young Joona Sotala, only 20 years old, has already achieved a goal dreamed of by thousands of players. He has achieved it after years of effort and improvement, after playing his first eSports tournament in 2012. But he is not the only one to take into account. And it is that in the round of 24 there are already 12 players waiting for their crosses. They are headlining and as such, there are high hopes for them. Here are their names.

Group A: Patiente, Special and Zest
B Group: Neeb, Dark and Maru
Group C: Serral, Innovation, Rogue
Group D: Bunny, TY and Uthermal

When placing bets on this Starcraft II competition, it is very convenient to analyze the state of form in which the different players land. The dominance of the South Korean players remains clear and dominant, despite Serral’s historic victory, which has marked an unprecedented milestone. A twist in tournament history that opens the door for players from other parts of the world to repeat their feat. Of course, it will not be easy. The level is higher year after year and everything will be decided based on the strategy of each player and the unexpected events that may arise at any time during the game.

However, we recommend you take a look at the latest world ranking of earnings per player. As we mentioned, the dominance of South Korea is overwhelming. A victory of any of these TOP 10 worlds would be considered reasonable, but the charm and excitement of the Starcraft II tournaments suggests that any alternative is possible, given the growth of players in Europe, America and other areas.

Who will win?

Country Player Winnings

1 South Korea Maru $ 639,725

2 South Korea Rogue $ 544,715

3 South Korea sOs 510,206 $

4 South Korea TY 505,136 $

5 South Korea MC $ 495,029

6 South Korea Life $ 470,559

7 South Korea INnoVation $ 459,276

8 South Korea Polt $ 452,332

9 South Korea Dark $ 414,598

10 South Korea Mvp $ 398,481

Starcraft II Betting eSports Image

However, there are already a good handful of players who are taking steps to break the hegemony of the South Korean players. Neeb, from the United States, has been going strong. Do not lose your eye, as well as the Norwegian Snute and the Polish Nerchio. Special attention, as we stressed before, Serral deserves. He’s capable of anything, and even the toughest South Korean rivals must take him into account.

Country Player Winnings

1 USA Neeb $ 380,291

2 Norway Snute $ 378,649

3 Poland Nerchio $ 370,989

4 Finland Serral $ 297,226

5 France Stephano $ 289,739

6 Canada Scarlett $ 283,908

7 Mexico SpeCial $ 247,148

8 Germany ShoWTimE $ 206,500

9 Poland Elazer $ 202,384

10 Poland MaNa 182,441 $


The Starcraft II tournament at the prestigious IEM Katowice can be followed in several ways. Different platforms are expected to broadcast the different tournaments live. It is advisable to check if your betting platform website has this service for the all-important Polish event.

However, there is a lot of information available about being aware of what is happening in the tournament through the official website of the IEM KATOWICE 2019.

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