Which couple has gotten more followers during the reality show?

By Ucatchers

This Wednesday the couples of the second edition of The Island of Temptations will meet again to show how their relationships have evolved in the three months that elapsed after their departure from the island. We have analyzed the Instagram accounts of the 6 couples to find out the popularity of each of the participants, and to see who has gained more followers thanks to their passage through reality.

Melodie lost her relationship on the island, but gained many followers

The success of the program on Instagram was immediate. More than 2.6 million people began to follow the participants’ accounts, especially those of three women.

The leader in the ranking is Melodie, who started the program with 13,047 followers and ends it with 561,044. That is, during the broadcast of the reality show, she has gained 547,997 new fans. In second place is Melyssa, who had 292,745 followers at the beginning and 834,491 at the end, for which she has added 587,385 after passing through the program. The third place goes to Mayka, who arrived on the island with 38,856 followers and during her participation, she earned just over 328,000.

Although she was not the one that gained the most followers, on Instagram Melyssa is still the most popular of all, with approximately 880 130 fans. In second place is Melodie with 634,047, the one that benefited the most from the reality show in terms of followers, since she obtained an average of 19,810 new per day. Inma is the third most followed contestant with 431,099 followers.

Tom is the male contestant with the most followers on the island

After his infidelity to Melyssa, Tom has been one of the contestants who has given the most to talk about in The Island of Temptations and this has benefited him, at least on social networks. He started the contest with 67,220 followers on Instagram (in second place among men, only surpassed by Ángel) and has finished it with 224,429 more. His current 291,649 followers make him the male contestant with the most followers and the one with the most to date.

Behind him are Cristian, with 135,822 new followers, and Lester, with 119,646.

Tom and Melyssa, the most popular couple on Instagram despite being separated from the island

One of the couples that has given the most game is the one formed by Tom and Melyssa. They started the program being the most popular on Instagram and, despite their breakup after the Moroccan’s infidelity, they have maintained this first place thanks to the large number of followers that both have added during this month of program broadcast. In total, their passage through reality shows has given them 811,814 new followers between their two accounts (they started with 359,965 and now have 1.1 million fans). Of course, it must be said that most of these followers have been won by Melyssa. After them, the two couples that have achieved the most popularity are those formed by Cristian and Melodie, with 756,822 new followers (from 16,366 to 773,188), and by Pablo and Mayka, with 436,975 more followers (from 44,682 to 481 657).

This ranking changes if, instead of looking at the difference, we look at the total number of followers of the couples after passing through The Island of Temptations. The first and second places remain, but the third place goes to Ángel and Inma, who have finished the program with 517,140 followers between the two, despite having left the island a few days after the program began.

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