What will be the real name of Rainbow Six Quarantine?

By Ucatchers

The alleged indiscretions extracted from the dataminer that seemed to reveal the new title of the zombie-themed Rainbow Six Siege spinoff have been confirmed false.

Ubisoft moved immediately after the wave of traffic that swept social media when images extracted from dataminers were disclosed. The French Canadian parent company said that Rainbow Six: Quarantine has not been renamed Parasite. Although what the dataminers found was largely accurate, the picture you see on the cover is simply a placeholder used by internal teams the publisher. But soon we can expect to find out what Quarantine’s actual new name will be. “Although we recently said we will change the name of Rainbow Six Quarantine,”Parasite ‘is just a placeholder used by our internal teams, ”explained a spokesperson. “We recently ran an internal test of the game and some of its details have gone public. We can confirm that this is a taste of the upcoming title and soon we will share more details, including the official name ”.

The whole affair is mounted because a report on MP1st seemed to provide some evidence pretty compelling that Rainbow Six Quarantine would change its name, as Ubisoft suggested last week. Rainbow Six Parasite could have been the new subtitle and the cover image was downloaded from a patch originally uploaded to PlayStation Network. The patch information was obtained from a site that automatically detects updates for all PSN items. It is interesting to note the image is for patch 1.01, a “launch patch” according to the site’s listing. It seemed unlikely that such a patch could exist without the e game Ubisoft’s denial puts all things right. Last week, Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot admitted that a name change was underway for the co-op shooter, because Rainbow Six Quarantine probably doesn’t suggest a nice relaxing time given the health situation we’re facing. The zombie-themed Rainbow Six Siege spin-off should come out later in 2021.

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