What is the No-Hit Relay Race and why you shouldn’t miss it

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No-Hit Relay Race

A few days ago, the streamer and content creator Chuso Montero announced through his social networks the No-Hit Relay Race. It is a tournament that will bring together the Spanish-speaking No-hit community to compete who is the best player with this characteristic.


This Saturday everyone glued to the screen 💀

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– Willy Fock, el del Globo 😎 (@ChusoMMontero) January 4, 2021

However, many people don’t have much idea about the term No-Hit, its difficulty and derived rules about it. That is why we are going to explain what is this challenge and why you should not miss this appointment.

No-Hit Run, in a unique challenge that not everyone is capable of

For those who do not know what a No-Hit Run, is about Pass a specific game without taking a hit. While this concept can be minted to all games like Super Mario Bros, Fallout or even Resident Evil the number of No-Hiters (Players specialized in this challenge) It is greatest in challenging player games like Dark Souls, Sekiro or Hollow Knight.

Well, this time we will focus on the Souls saga, since it is the most famous and of which the tournament will take place. It all started in 2016, when streamer The Happy Hob achieved a milestone that no one could achieve to date: Passing Dark Souls without taking a hit. Although at that time there were no written rules, it is still an unusual act in the world of No-Hit.

That’s when a large number of players began a feat that only a few have been able to accomplish. One of them was Chuso Montero, what in August 2020 got such a challenge and it further opened the doors of many people about the No-Hit challenge. Thanks to him, the community has grown, arriving at the present moment where we have a tournament just around the corner.

Chuso and Joseju will host the No-Hit Realy Race with stellar guests

Own Chuso and content creator Joseju will host the event, the second being a big fan of the souls saga. At the same time, Several people who have greatly influenced the Spanish-speaking community will also visit the tournament throughout all these years. Ernesto “BarbeQ»Folch has been one of the latest content creators that have further encouraged people to play the From Software saga.

Silithur has been another of the streamers who have given a twist to the content of Dark Souls, since Dark Souls has managed to pass with different controls: From voice commands to morse code, going through crazy things like the guitar from the game «Guitar Hero». Mister Jagger has been another of the leading heads in bringing the souls saga to his community with gameplays and video montages.

However, Roc «Outconsumer»Massager has possibly been the reason why a large majority of gamers now love the From Software saga. his series together to Isaac «Loulogio»Sánchez was a bombshell on his date, and sales of the game have likely increased exponentially since he started those videos.

Rules and participants of the No-Hit Relay Race

The No-Hit Relay Race rules are somewhat differents to conventional standards:

  • It is a relay race, with three teams consisting of four players each.
  • The games will be Dark Souls 1, 2 and 3 and Sekiro: Shadow Die Twice, in which a run of 50 minutes each.
  • The team that finishes with the fewest hits in each of the corresponding games will win the first tournament from No-Hit Relay Race.

The participants of each team will be the following:

  • Team captained by ParaBellum (DS3): TheRada (Sekiro), CursedWind (DS1) and Bushido_TheHiddenPath(DS2). The captain is the player to watch, as he is one of the best no-hitters in the Spanish-speaking community.
  • Team captained by BolloStream (Sekiro): SnatDVD (DS2), Hiraki (DS1) and Hyakujin (DS3). Noteworthy is Hiraki, who managed to pass the first installment of Dark Souls with just one hand and without receiving a hit. The captain is so adept at Sekiro that she could defeat Genichiro with just her ear.
  • Team captained by NeXuRyZz (Sekiro): Malevolgi4 (DS2), NehiroSun (DS1) and BriiHD (DS3). The latter will sound familiar to you for being quite known in the CoD community for being a great Shooter player.

A competition that begins to normalize

The realization of this tournament opens the doors to another game in the competitive field. What seemed like a single player game has gradually become a way for many to compete with some established rules and regulated confrontations.

This tournament created by Chuso can be the beginning of a competition as serious and professional as League of Legends, CS: GO or Fortnite. If that it is true that it is a community with much more niche, but all competitive games have started this way. Hopefully this is not just a tournament and you are gaining more and more importance among the players.

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