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Werlyb retired

Every sport has its kings and queens. These people transmit feelings, either by their feats or by their personality, that transform them into loved and respected figures. They have always left a mark, an identity stamp that ends up becoming the history of their country. Has anyone forgotten the 2010 World Cup in South Africa? A lot of people keep shedding some tears thinking about the 116th minute of the final. That moment when Andres Iniesta scored the goal that awarded the first World Cup to the Spanish National Team. We also do not forget Pau Gasol and his 40 points against France in the Eurobasket 2015, something that led to the Gold Medal for Spain.

This reality occurs in both traditional sports and esports. A few hours ago, Jorge Casanovas «Werlyb» announced his official retirement as a professional player from League of Legends. Spanish carries eight years of competition behind him, which has meant dedicating a large part of his life to the video game of his thousand loves.

I’ve been thinking for a while and I don’t even know how to start

Although it was coming, today I officially announce my retirement as a professional player from League of Legends

I have dedicated my whole life to competing. I have won, I have lost, I have cried with joy and I have cried with sadness.

Thanks for everything. pic.twitter.com/yhq6GpM9hX

– Jorge ‘Werlyb’ (@werlyb) January 14, 2021

After several months without stepping on Summoner’s Rift in an official competition, the nicknamed «Mastoking» you have made the decision to step aside. This was something that could be intuited, although seeing this confirmed news is a very hard blow to anyone’s heart. Above all, of a community in which, if we ask for a referring player, for that Iniesta or Gasol, it is very likely that Werlyb is the person that our thinking evokes.

Werlyb, a synonym for effort

Many people are born with a natural gift that allows them to do whatever they want. Some decide not to exploit that talent because they do not see a necessary argument to do so. Werlyb has been the opposite. A player who, despite having great abilities to play League of Legends, He chose to improve, to follow a path of improvement that would allow him to reach the top.

His professional path started in 2013 with only 15 years. At that time, Werlyb was a child who had no idea of ​​the path that destiny had prepared for him. Barcelona was his first face-to-face stop and there, under the colors of Elite e-Sports Command faced 34united e-Sports Club. Who would have thought that this teenager would end up contesting the European League of Legends Championship Series (EU LCS) and making a whole country vibrate when hearing his name.

Thus began a career for Werlyb full of successes and disappointments, smiles and tears, but, above all, the true satisfaction of having fulfilled one of his dreams. In 2015 it started one of the most important moments in the career of the Granada-born man: fight in the top European competition hand in hand with Giants Gaming. Together with Federico Lizonzo «Fr3deric», Isaac Flores«PePiiNeRO», Adrián Pérez«Adryh», Fernando Soria«Rydle»And later Oskar Lundström«G0DFRED», Made the Spanish public enjoy European LoL like never before.

Although he failed to garner any title in the LCS, Werlyb had already left a message, surrender was not an option. Thus, the toplaner parted his way from that of Giants Gaming and joined Huma, with whom he would win a Challenger Series. His next step was FnaticAlthough he would have a substitute role, something Werlyb wasn’t cut out for. He was born to be a starter, to leave images to remember, such as his mythical Hecarim against the Meet Your Makers set. Like the “Iniesta of my life” by José Antonio Camacho, history will go down with “what balls do you have, kid, I’ll make you a statue” of a torn Ibai Llanos in the last play of the match.

Every once in a while, taking one step back helps you take two more steps forward. After a 2016 without great successes, the Granada-born man returned to Spain, to the land where he was born. ThunderX3 Baskonia was his new home. With them he won an ESL Masters and an Orange Super League. Although his true power, the ecstasy of his career, came in 2018 with MAD Lions. Along with Selfmade, Nemesis, Crownshot and Falco, he got other two Super League Orange, his first European Masters and an Iberian Cup. The “Mastoking” had returned to dominate the peninsula. Disputing him for the title of top lane king was something very few could boast of.

That Iberian Cup would be the last title that Werlyb lifted. 2019 was the year Werlyb returned to the modern League of Legends European Championship(LEC) under the colors of SK Gaming. Although in spring he managed to enter the playoffs, the German team chose to send the Spanish player to his academy for the summer. Not content with this role, the Granada-born man returned to his home, MAD Lions Madrid. There he would play the 2020 spring season and, his last tournament, the spring European Masters.

The community at your feet

Werlyb’s removal from the competitive landscape does not mean that we will no longer enjoy the quality of toplaner within League of Legends. And is that the Spanish has taken advantage of the last months to increase his number of live shows on Twitch. This has served him both to get much closer to a community already devoted to him, and to show that many players in the ranked queues still need to fear him.

It is also expected that Elm Chertó «ElmiilloR» organize your third SoloQ Challenge. If everything goes like last year, Werlyb will be a participant in this tournament. This leads to the thought of it is not unreasonable to think that we will have the pleasure of seeing that Irelia again at the hands of «El Casanovas».

We don’t know what fate will bring to Werlyb. What is clear is that, although its presence in the competitive plane has come to an end, his spirit in Summoner’s Rift will be eternal. Like Iniesta and his magic touch, or Pau with his absolute dominance on the pitch, the style of the Granada-born player will not be forgotten so easily. It’s true that we still have a lot of Werlyb left in League of Legends, but always It’s nice to dream of a last waltz by the Spanish in an official match. Be that as it may, may luck be on your side. Goodbye, «Mastoking».

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