Weekly insurance of up to € 30 for your NBA combis

By Ucatchers


NBA franchises are already approaching the 50-game-played milestone of the regular season. The latest transfers of Blake Griffin and LaMarcus Aldridge to the Nets, and Andre Drummond to the Lakers, have changed the order of forces in the competition and those of Brooklyn and LA are the top favorites to end up fighting for the ring. At the moment, they still have many games to reach that hypothetical final.

In the East, the Nets have already tied the Sixers; both teams have a 34-16 record and Anteto’s Bucks (32-17) are not far behind.

In the West, Utah continues to show that it is the best team in the NBA (38-11). Following him are the Suns (34-14) and the Clippers (33-18). The Lakers have fallen to 5th place (31-19), affected by LeBron’s latest injury.

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Make a combined of € 10 or more, with a minimum of 4 pre-game selections, with a fee of 1.50 or higher, from NBA games. If you lose the bet for a single forecast, they will refund 100% of the money bet, up to a maximum of € 10 per combination.

You can take advantage of this promotion 3 times a week, until the end of the NBA season.

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