Week 4 LCK: DAMWON KIA distances itself even further

By Ucatchers

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LCK lowers the blind after this Week 4. The new year in both Korea and China for the two major leagues in the East. After reviewing this exciting day, we will have to wait until the 17th of this month to return to action.

Series of the day Week 4 LCK: Gen.G vs DRX

The direct confrontation came as one of the high points of the week, as there were two direct rivals. So far, both occupied the second place with a 4-2. Also, we could see the fight on the central street between two rookies: SOLKA and Karis.

The first map arrived with no greater surprise than Jarvan IV for Life. The Korean player is being the main exponent of this champion. Further, Gen.G bet on Clid and Karis as titleholders. Finally, a very even game that was decided by the rotations of Pyosik and Becca. 1-0 for DRX.

By the second, other sensations were already palpable. DRX took Jarvan IV out of the equation Y Dr. Mundo was assured for Pyosik, in the purest style Tynx in Europe. Although Becca and Pyosik were trying to do the one from the previous game, this time it was Clid who benefited. 3/0 in 11 minutes just by rotating to the top of the map. Ruler, with a Aphelios exceptional, destroyed every fight. 1-1 and third game in a series of heart attacks.

Last map of the day and no surprise for the ten protagonists who played it all for all. A game that started as tied but that Pyosik again took it upon himself to return in his favor. His rotations to both the top and bottom were enabling to put his pieces ahead. Definitely, the series MVP and the main culprit in DRX’s 2-1 win.

Post-day surprises Week 4 LCK: Fredit BRION and Liiv SANDBOX

Both teams leave with a 1-1 of a week that did not invite to believe in them. Fredit BRION had on the calendar KT, team that was showing some quality sparkles, already T1. On the other hand, LSB I had it even more difficult, since I played against DAMWON Y Hanwha life.

Four-game losing streak that ended against Deft and company. The sensations had not been anything good, although the defeats came against teams of the high table. Even so, The great work done before an HLE who had been fighting to climb steps is to be praised. The couple FATE – Croco paid off by achieving the unthinkable: keep Chovy out of the game.

The team known as the “BROs” also arrived at low hours. Since the win over DAMWON in the second week, they had not repeated. However, before KT Rolster they managed to go to the third map, to finally get the point they needed so much. Both UmTi and Lava signed one of the best series in their entire season.

Post-match disappointment Week 4 LCK: AF

Afreeca Freecs takes the place of “disappointment” of week 4 in the LCK, and does not surprise anyone. Trusting Kiin and company is to bang your head against a wall and wait for ideas to sprout. After a spectacular week 3 in terms of results (2-0), the results were reversed for this, and they go with a 0-2 on the scoreboard.

Still, it is not all bad news. It is true that it has not been possible to beat relatively even rivals such as HLE or KT, but it has been fought. Until last week the team gave the feeling of giving up when things were not going well, and getting carried away with a lost map. Nevertheless, This week they have not only forced two third map, but also in both they began losing the series, which indicates an improvement in PA.

MVP of the day: Jang Yong-jun “Ghost”

This week things were quite clear for the boys of DAMWON Kia. Although ShowMaker did numbers to deserve the award, Ghost is finally the winner this week.

The shooter continues to surprise a server, and probably the majority of viewers. 2-0 week and on all maps it was essential, with Kalista, Xayah or Kai’Sa. This week we are not looking so much in statistics, but rather in the sensations. As data, got his first pentakill since got with bbq olivers in promotion for promotion back in 2018.

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