Week 3 LEC: Fnatic takes the European classic

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FullEsports - Week 3 LEC: Fnatic takes the European classic

The 3rd Week of LEC has left several surprises that many fans did not expect, such as the Fnatic win versus G2 Esports or the incredible game of Schalke 04. However, not everything is rosy for the LEC: Astralis and Vitality they are being worst of the season in Europe.

On the other hand we have Excel, who has completed the Week without any defeat and a game that could be improved but enough to go undefeated. SK Gaming and Misfits they do not seem to have been completely found yet, with a very lost and clear game inexperience in rookies.

LEC Week 3 Matches

Schalke 04 vs Rogue

The week started quite strong, and it is that the rogues lost the undefeated versus the revelation team of the season for many: Schalke 04. Rogue’s main problem was possibly the focus too much on Gilius, taking the jungle four of the five bans for its part. Still, the Turk knew how to play his cards with Jarvan IV.

further they left Kai’Sa open, who is possibly the strongest champion on the patch. Adding the good synergy she has with Rell, the daughter of the void swept through the crack at the hands of Neon. Abbedagge wreaked havoc in the middle lane with Orianna and knew how to completely deny Larssen. Broken blade did what he could and controlled Odoamne when he had to. The rogues looked like they could take the game with 3 dragons in their favor but one fight in Baron turned the game around completely.

Fnatic vs G2 Esports

The classic among classics had a clear and decisive protagonist: Gabriel «Bwipo»Rau. The Belgian player swept his line with Volibear, who despite not having the best start knew how to redeem himself and show that Fnatic has a new Messiah. At the bottom the game was totally different, since Upset had to carry (again) with Hylissang. The samurai knew what their victory condition was and Jankos He kept stalking this line.

The war in the center lane took her this time Nisqy, in front of a Caps that did not seem to be completely comfortable. Still, don’t take credit for huge job from belgian midlaner throughout the game with Azir and a perfect KDA. The presence of the jungle was also quite important, since the mobility of Selfmade was crucial for group fights against samurai. Thus, Fnatic takes the first derby of the season although not the most crucial.

Revelation Team of Week 3: Schalke 04

What the German team is achieving these days is scandal: Four-win streak and beating titanic teams such as G2 Esports and Rogue, in addition to direct rivals such as Misfits and SK Gaming. Dylan Falco has helped the team regain its self-confidence, with a Neon crucial and Broken blade adapting little by little to the European game.

One of the keys to this winning streak is clear: Erberk «Gilius»Demir. The German is going through his second youth and seems to charge the same quality that made him jump from Giants Gaming to the top European competition. Its versatility, permanent aid to almost all lines and its incredible Champion Pool It has made him a decisive player for the club. Neon It is another one that you must not lose track of in the future.

Disappointment Team of Week 3: Misfits Gaming

The rabbits they can’t start and more and more they cease to excite Misfits fans and the European league in general. HiRit was quite disconnected throughout the week, even becoming one of the worst players from these two days (if we don’t count Astralisy and Vitality). Vetheo still lost to champions other than Zoe and Vander seems to have disappeared of the roster.

Razork and Kobbe must be the players who have to bring the illusion of misfits during the first days of competition. Despite the bad weekend from the Spanish jungle, he has been one of the best of the team so far with determining picks like Olaf, Pantheon or Taliyah. By Kobbe, you must continue at the current rate and emphasizing especially with his support not to “sell” his line prematurely.

LEC Week 3 Surprise Team: Fnatic

We have decided to put Fnatic above other equipment is for a clear reason, which is beat G2 Esports in their respective European classic. However, you have to highlight the show of the English club in his match against Astralis which was quite funny as well as uncomfortable due to the level given by both teams.

Even so, the great week that Excel Esports has had, being the third team that has not lost any game during these days. Czekolad and above all Kryze have been and will be key to the victories of the English club, although it will also depend on whether the coin comes out in favor of Patrik.

LEC Week 3 MVP: Erberk “Gilius” Demir

We have mentioned it before but we never tire of repeating that the German jungle is being one of the sensations of the season. If your bans in a game are 90% focused on you, you are doing something right on your team. However, the great team work Schalke 04 has done since the beginning of the season and for never giving up.

It is also necessary to emphasize the incredible game of Bwipo against G2 Esports, which would have been MVP of the week had it not been for the party that occurred against Astralis. On the other hand, Dan and Patrik They have also been great players this week in their respective LEC matches.

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