Week 3 LCK: The distance between the teams increases

By Ucatchers

Full Esports - LCK 2021

The LCK ends Week 3 with few surprises, which causes the teams little by little to find their place in the table. There are already four games of advantage between the first (DAMWON KIA) and the last (Fredit Brion). This advantage will increase with the passing of the days, and we will see each organization in the position that corresponds to it by level.

Series of the day Week 3 LCK: DAMWON KIA vs Gen.G

The confrontation came with more morbidity than it might have seemed before starting the LCK. The first two teams, tied for victories, finally saw each other. The only notable surprise in the lineups was the inclusion of Flawless by Clid. It would be the debut of the Korean jungle with the organization of Gen.G. The change came after losing the week before to HLE in a tough series. Flawless’s style, who’s been playing all this week, is more geared towards helping your lines, unlike other players like Clid or Canyon.

Gen.G started hitting on the first map of the series. The team surprised with a Quinn in the top lane against an atypical enemy like Gnar. Flawless helped Rascal get ahead in their confrontation and character rotations to support in between they did the rest. Although the game left at 52 minutes, neither the pair formed by Ghost – BeryL, nor the flanks of Khan they can prevent the result.

For the second map, things from the prohibition phase were more normal than in the previous one. Nevertheless, we would see Rascal with Zion, selection that never ceases to surprise if we take into account the good level shown at this start with aggressive champions. The game was even until the first fight for the herald, in which Khan manages to stamp four people with the ulti of Gnar. Definitely, one of the most beautiful plays this week. Finally, DWG put the tie thanks to an excellent game of Canyon with Taliyah.

Last game in which everything was decided, and we had several interesting selections by DWG. BeryL opted for Seraphine, ShowMaker by Viktor and Khan for Ornn. The roles of the previous map were completely changed. Really even game, but what opted for the current world champions. Ghost showing the way it ended last year and started this one, and BeryL and Canyon showing once again that they are among the best in their position in the world. Little could Gen. G do to avoid the final 2-1. DAMWON proclaimed himself the table king above all.

Post-match week 3 LCK reveal: Afreeca Freecs

The azulón team was going through this beginning of the competition without pain or glory, after losing to DWG and LSB on matchday two. However, for this new week of competition, we could see a change in the main quintet. The pieces seemed to come together suddenly, and what seemed like a lost and headless club, now left a different vision. Afreeca Freecs seems to have solved his problems after leaving phase of lines and they have obtained two really important points.

So much NS RedForce as T1 have suffered in their meats this new improved version of Afreeca Freecs. The team is placed with a 3-3 in the middle of the table, very close to the front car. If they can scratch another win in a tough week like the one ahead, they can be a playoff team again. Hanwha Life and KT Rolster will be their rivals.

Post-match disappointment Week 3 LCK: Liiv SANDBOX

Words are missing with the SANDBOX team. They are trying with all their might, but things still don’t work out. Leo seems to be the main shooter of the organization, but the victories still do not come even in good games. Tied in the table with Fredit BRION and with a single map won more than its rival. Croco not working, Effort drags his T1 problems and Summit is swept up in a destructive maelstrom around it. As Rosalía would say, “her chains are so heavy to look back”.

Even so, We can’t entirely blame the organization for not getting points this week. The rivals were of another level to which they still cannot even aspire. Not even before a T1 in low hours they had the opportunity to take control of the series. However the attitude o the intention was not even aimed at trying new things. Hard times are ahead at the house of SANDBOX.

Surprise of the day: Park Jin-seong “Teddy”

After the second week of competition in the LCK in which T1 lost both series, the team needed to make changes. Curiously, the chosen one was the one who was fittest, until then. Gumayusi was substituted to enter Teddy. However, things have not changed much for them. Yes it is true that before SANDBOX he showed a good face and its adaptation with Keria seemed to excite at times. Nevertheless, he was totally outmatched by Bang in the second of the series. We will have to wait to see if T1 continues to trust one of the few veterans of the organization.

MVP of the day: Lee Jin-hyeok “Dread”

The easy option would have been to place any of the DWG players in this section, who finished the week undefeated. However, from here we wanted to give a Honorary award to Afreeca Freecs for being the other undefeated of the day, since we do not know if they will make it happen again. Although Bang had a great series against T1, the true engine of AF’s victories has been Dread.

The Korean jungle has shown a great facet this week with champions like Olaf or Grave, with which he has won several awards for the best player in the series. His good start to the game coupled with the ease with which he has been able to select one of the strongest champions of the current meta, have been a glorious combination. For the sake of the show, we hope that the jungle and all his team continue with the level shown this week of game.

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