Week 2 LEC: Rogue reigns in Europe as leader undefeated

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FullEsports - Week 2 LEC: Rogue reigns in Europe as leader undefeated

The second week of LEC has left a solo leader for the first time this year: Rogue. The rogues took advantage of the G2 stumble against a plethora of Schalke 04 to position themselves as first and, above all, undefeated in in five games played this year.

On the other hand, we saw the MAD Lions that we fell in love with last season with Humanoid regaining strength and a Kaiser MVP in every sense. The other side of the coin was Misfits, who seems to have not fit in quite well in the league despite his good start.

LEC Week Two Matches

Misfits vs Rogue

The best match of the first day pitted the rabbits against the rogues in a very even confrontation until the end. However, the map had a name and surname: Andrei «Odoamne»Easter. The king of the “weak side” He knew how to control the very young man perfectly HiRit and the ganks of Razork.

Even though they didn’t start out all right, they knew check all lines and situations that came to him especially in the face of the midlaner. As the game progressed, Larssen and Hans Sama They increased their strength little by little until they completely exploited the young rabbits.

Fnatic vs MAD Lions

Sunday we had a quite moved game and above all fun for the viewer. Kaiser shone again like last year with an imperial Rell, roaming nonstop and making Humanoid be too strong in the late game and the turkish Armut, meanwhile, destroyed the Toplane with Wukong.

Elyoya showed again why he is willing to be the rookie of the season with a Monumental taliyah. Meanwhile, the Irelia of Nisqy and the presence of Bwipo They were of the little salvageable of Fnatic in one more night to forget by the English.

Breakout Team of the Week: MAD Lions

The lions got two key victories for the future, making their players quite motivated again and the signings already justify why they have risen to the top European competition. Humanoid regained its best levell like Kaiser, which swept the botlane and helping Carzzy at all times. Armut and Elyoya they are clear candidates to be the best rookies of the season, although they still have a clear room for improvement.

The key to the team’s victory is back in the bottom lane: Norman «Kaiser»Kaiser, who helps even in three positions at the same time with some roam exquisite by the German to help Elyoya in the ganks and especially Humanoid in the middle lane. However, the defensive solidity of Armut on the Toplane, since it is quite decisive for the late game.

Disappointment of the week: Fnatic

The English are once again the center of all criticism in the league, since they are not giving the level that was expected and that they themselves affirmed that they were going to be at the height of the greatest. It seems that they continue with the same failures that condemned them in previous seasons with the only difference that now Rekkles cannot save them.

My boys are warriors – they are showing qualities that in long term is going to serve us well. We had a gun pointing to our enemies head but we failed to pull the trigger, that part is solvable and I am not worried.

– YamatoCannon (@YamatoMebdi) January 30, 2021

The Belgian duo between Nisqy and Bwipo were one of the few salvageable things on the English team. While, Selfmade It seems not to have fully fitted and still has some bearing left. The bottom lane seems to have a culprit again: Hyllisang. Little to nothing has contributed to the team so far, while Upset seems to have been harmed by said support.

Surprise of the week: Schalke 04

The German club seems to have started its Miracle Run earlier than it looks. Despite the first week, those of Gilius They have shown their face and finished the second week undefeated. The jungle was one of the key pieces in the two games with Pantheon and the almighty Udyr, although Broken blade was key in the victory against G2 esports.

However, Neon shone with its own light in the botlane, and although Limit He is not at his best, the shooter seems to have found his place with a safe pick for him as he is Kai’Sa. The motivation and strategy of Dylan falco It has caused all the players on the team to feel important and help each other to, above all, form a pineapple.

MVP of the Week: Steven “Hans Sama” Liv from Rogue

The player of the week It must have been a member of the rogues, since they have been the best team by far in the two rounds this weekend. Although Emil «Larssen»Larsson has been one of the key pieces In both of Rogue’s victories this weekend, French marksman Steve «Hans sama»Liv played deliciously in the bottom lane, who knew how to completely deny the main tricks of victory in Misfits.

One of the The main keys of the French shooter is that the current goal of the AD Carries fits him like a glove. Kai’Sa and Hans Sama are flesh and blood this season with scandal numbers, although other champions such as Ashe or Kalista They have been very top for the French during these days.

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