Warzone: The best weapon in the game just got nerfed

By Ucatchers

The FFAR is simply one of Warzone’s best weapons and is definitely one of the most popular choice of equipment choices in the game… at least until a few days ago.

Raven Software, the developer of Warzone, added a considerable nerf for the FFAR. In today’s patch notes, the developers explain that now it takes longer to aim with the weapon, mainly due to its effectiveness at all distances.

“The FFAR is an all-rounder”, reads the notes. “It has the damage profile and range of an AR as well as the rate of fire of an SMG. The total effectiveness of the FFAR makes it overcome many SMGs at distances we are not satisfied with. Ideally, the FFAR should play the role of a mid-ranger and drop loses of weapons that excel in close range combat. For this we are bringing the FFAR a little more in line with what one might expect from an AR: damage and medium power range “

Cold War’s Charlie Tactical Rifle has also been nerfed in a similar way: by increasing the recoil. “Right now we think it’s too easy to stay on target in prolonged firefights.” There are a number of other minor changes and bug fixes, with more substantial adjustments coming to the tactical map. Players can now double-click on it to place a “danger” ping for teammates while hovering over certain pingable objects will now give the object name for easier identification. Other changes should see the pings placed more accurately.

Although it doesn’t seem to contain much, this patch still reaches a whopping 52.4 GB for Warzone players and 133.6 GB for those with Warzone and Modern Warfare. If these nerfs have left your loadout without a protagonist here and here you will find the best equipment to better face this season with new guides and insights always on the way!

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