Warzone: here’s how to get the new ZRG sniper rifle

By Ucatchers

The 20mm ZRG sniper rifle is ready to be deployed on the battlefields of Black Ops Cold War and Warzone. Here’s how to unlock the new weapon as soon as it’s available.

At the launch of Treyarch’s latest title, they were there only three sniper rifles available. After nearly five months, however, a fourth long-range weapon is finally on the horizon. The 20mm ZRG was unveiled as part of the second season roadmap in February. Although anticipation has been growing since then, the weapon still doesn’t have a release date. With the third season just a few weeks away, however, It’s safe to assume that the new sniper will be in our hands shortly. Whether you’re a Warzone player or just diving into Black Ops Cold War casual multiplayer, the new sniper will be available in both titles. Thanks to some early leaks, we know how you will be able to get your hands on the new rifle.

Not unlike the vast majority of Call of Duty’s newest weapons, this new sniper must be earned. To unlock it, there is a specific mission to complete according to the CoD insider “TailsDoll553” leaks. As soon as the weapon is available, you will have to earn two Longshot medals in 15 different matches. This means that you will have to favor the outdoors for quite some time as you try to unlock the weapon. These medals shouldn’t be too hard to earn if you’re playing the right way.

Perhaps the easiest way to tick this challenge is to try a hardcore playlist. Annoying hitmarkers won’t bother you here since every single hit will guarantee accurate kills. Aim well with your sniper or long range assault rifle and you’ll easily take down two enemies per game. If you just limit yourself to Warzone, try playing in a respawn friendly moderather than a traditional battle royale playlist. This will save you time and won’t force you to load a new lobby on every attempt. Of course, things could change before the weapon actually enters the game. Then take this challenge with a grain of salt for the moment.

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