Warzone: here are the 10 highest earning professionals in the world

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Although hackers and stream snipers seem to have sapped the spirits of the top players in Call of Duty: Warzone, battle royale remains a flagship title in the export market.

For this we decided to track down the top 10 players for higher earnings in terms of total tournament winnings. It may not seem like a legitimate esports like Apex Legends and Fortnite, but Competitive Warzone continues to avoid the cheater drama and to benefit from the absence of a ranked championship staying on top of Twitch every week. With numerous tournaments paying well each month since the game’s debut in March 2020, some players have stood out from the rest and have earned an impressive paycheck with their winnings. We have seen new incredible world records established, a number of celebrities involved and a variety of high-risk tournaments with a lot of money up for grabs. Using data from esportsearnings.com, let’s take a look at Warzone’s top 10 players in terms of tournament winnings. We will learn more about the first 3 to then analyze the top 10.

3. Rhys ‘Rated’ Price – $ 107,393 profit

Winning tournament after tournament since starting teaming up with Aydan, Rated became the third player to gross more than $ 100,000 in Warzone earnings and at the same time replaced SuperEvan from third place in this ranking. With victories in events such as the 25K Code Red 2v2 and the 25K Dallas Empire Challenge 2v2, Rated and Aydan continue to remain among the first places in terms of earnings globally. A member of Warzone’s 100 Thieves roster, Rated’s mechanics and game-sense have become a battle royale standard. Given his individual talent and the perfect communications between him and Aydan, it’s hard to imagine that the duo will lose their lead anytime soon.

2. Jordan ‘HusKerrs’ Thomas – $ 140,150 in earnings

Jordan “HusKerrs” Thomas is a battle royale star who also has held numerous Warzone world records. He previously made a name for himself in both Blackout and Apex Legends but has since moved to Warzone. And that transition has proved immensely profitable since the calm and taciturn gamer became the first Warzone player to earn more than $ 100,000 in tournament winnings. As one of Verdansk’s most decorated players, HusKerrs shoots well, drives smoothly and he practically never loses his head in the midst of pressure. This mindset is the highlight of his skillset as well earned him numerous Warzone titles.
While he held the top spot for much of Warzone’s first year, he finally is fell to the second on March 14 when Aydan took the lead. However, only a few thousand dollars separate the two giants, so expect to see a reaction from HusKerrs very soon.

1. Aydan ‘Aydan’ Conrad – $ 142,455 profit

In second place for much of Warzone’s first year, Aydan has finally outshone HusKerrs and took first place on March 14th. Arriving at the finish of 150k, Aydan now holds command for the first time in his Warzone career.
From Fortnite to Warzone, Aydan is a longtime figure in the battle royale sphere. The charming beatboxer really made his mark on Verdansk: an absolute demon, Aydan went comfortably from duo with MuTeX and Zlaner to victory in almost every 2v2 tournament alongside Rated. R.I’ve been topping the Warzone charts for months, unsurprisingly, he was able to finally reach the top spot.

The Top 10

You will find below Warzone’s top 10 highest earning players. In total, over $ 1 million has been earned of all of them thanks to Warzone tournaments. And those numbers are sure to increase, as the prize pools continue to grow.
While Warzone’s tournaments and prize pools have been decreasing over a period of time as the focus has shifted to Black Ops Cold War and the Call of Duty League, the game is picking up momentum as Season 2 continues. Numerous major tournaments have already been announced and this ranking looks like it will be completely turned upside down very soon.

1 Aydan $ 142,455.27
2 HusKerrs $ 140,150.01
3 Rated $ 107,392.77
4 SuperEvan $ 102,770.82
5 Tommey $ 95,654.46
6 Biffle $ 84,741.67
7 Symfuhny $ 81,683.33
8 WarsZ $ 74,638.07
9 ZLaner $ 72,916.66
10 Swagg $ 64,233.34

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