Warzone: 8 new vehicles are coming according to a leaker

By Ucatchers

A Warzone leaker claims he has very credible news about a bunch of new vehicles that are expected to arrive on battle royale soon in the future, including a police car like in H1Z1.

At your place the size of the map that the battle royale have, it is quite common to see developers start add vehicles to help players to move comfortably. Vehicles have become a Warzone staple as they are not only used for mobility, they are also pretty good weapons in their own right, although the Big Bertha truck annoys players mostly in solo games. Despite the integration of Black Ops Cold War, the vehicles remained the same as those launched with Modern Warfare. However, that could change if a new leak proves credible.


“Enter Big Bird” ✅
“Enter Police Car” ✅
“Enter Box Truck” ✅
“Drive Medical Transport” ✅
“Enter Pickup Truck” ✅
“Enter Van” ✅
“Enter Personel Transport” ✅

These COULD be coming with the new map!

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– Zesty (@ZestyCODLeaks) April 7, 2021

It comes from the reliable leaker ZestyLeaks, which has already provided some insight into the potential changes coming to Verdansk, as well as some weapons we may see in the future. According to the leaker, there are eight new vehicles in the works for Warzone, including a police car, a van and an assault vehicle with a roof-mounted light machine gun. According to the leak, there are also other vehicles listed simply with a code name, for example Big Bird, which apparently refers to a new helicopter rather than a plane. The “Big Bird” callsign is used in Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare for a transport helicopter similar to the one found in the center of the Crash map.


I was originally told that a “Light FAV” was coming to Warzone soon by @VanguardIntel.

In the latest update, I found a preview image of the vehicle!

It looks to be the Dune FAV from the Cold War MP Trailer, but with a mounted MG!

👀🔥 pic.twitter.com/kGZuFvKwpf

– Zesty (@ZestyCODLeaks) April 9, 2021

The code name “Medical Transport” could refer to a simple ambulance with the leaker noting that it was originally cut from Warzone’s vehicle catalog slated for launch. ZestyLeaks does not openly say when these new mediums will arrive, but if Verdansk undergoes a huge 80s-style change as the latest rumors suggest, season 3 could mark the arrival of these novelties. As reliable as the leaker has been in the past, things are worth taking with a grain of salt until these changes have an official release date.

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