Valve announces changes to RMR and clarifies penalties for 2021

By Ucatchers

Full Esports - RMR 2021 Valve

Brand of Valve arrives with new changes and rules aimed at RMR for the competitive year 2021. The owner of Counter Strike Global Offensive brings several important modifications for its tournament ecosystem.

The year 2020 was disastrous in order to continue the tradition of full stadiums around the world thanks to different electronic sports. Since CS: GO the teams were playing most of the year qualifiers to compete in the Rio Major, although finally it couldn’t happen.

For this, Valve has taken nNew stickers for the 24 teams that would have been invited to this great event, separated between three existing categories from Legend, Challenger and Contender. As a way of thanking the teams for their effort, 50% of the profits will go to them.s rules for Major regional rankings

Valve brings changes to the RMR

  • These RMR points are reset for 2021, but Legends teams start with 600 points, the Challengers with 300 and the Contenders with 100.
  • The teams they can name a substitute other than the coach.
  • Points will be penalized when a player is removed to line up another.
  • In online games only players can enter the server. Neither coaches nor any of the team’s technical staff may communicate with the players while they are in the game.

Spectator bug and penalties

This last point comes after seeing light a way to take advantage of a spectator bug by the coaches. After several months of investigations, we already know the pertinent sanctions that each of the individuals who took advantage of this situation will have to suffer. The E-Sports Integrity Commission (ESIC) has supported Valve with sanctions.

These new sanctions trigger a set number of Major tournaments to be lost the coaches, the mildest being a tournament and the most serious the veto for life. As always, remember that all of these Valve changes on the RMR They will only take effect on events run by themselves.

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