Valorant Patch 2.08: Breeze Arrives and New Content

By Ucatchers

A new act arrives in Riot’s tactical shooter, bringing with it a new map, other battle pass and many improvements to the game, such as the coach space and more quality in the HRTF sound system. Find out what’s new coming to the third act of the second episode in Valorant Patch 2.08.

What’s new in Valorant patch 2.08

Breeze is here to stay, you can read about the new map at this other article. During its launch, the first two weeks will have its own tail, so it will not be available in Competitive and Non-Competitive game modes. Yes it will be for special modes and custom games.

In two weeks, Breeze will go into the map bag and count like any other map.

Video Summary of Valorant Patch 2.08 Changes

The high-level competitive section continues to be a priority for Riot, so, listening to their community, they have implemented Coach slots in tournament mode custom games. Here is a summary of how it works:

  • Coaches will be able to see the matches, but their view will be focused on the chosen team in the match room.
  • They will not be able to use alerts or any type of chat with the team.
  • The general and group chat will be used to contact the tournament moderators.
  • Coaches may pause a game under the same conditions as the players.

Quality improvements and social updates

HRTF It is a technology that is capable of simulating the position of the players and the environment when reproducing the sound, so listening carefully becomes one more useful to know where the enemy is hiding. This option can be enabled in the sound tab.

This Valorant Patch 2.08 includes the sound of gun drop on the HRTF.

Bad behavior is intolerable for Riot Games, as demonstrated by the game’s older brother and during the year that Valorant has been open. This time it’s time to reward players who use the reporting system correctly. Now a notification will be received when a player is penalized on which it has been reported.

Players committing infractions for the first time will be informed during the game to change their behavior before receiving a sanction.

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