Valorant Patch 2.01: Split receives offensive upgrades

By Ucatchers

Split Valorant

A new fix was introduced in the Riot shooter yesterday: Valorant patch 2.01 is here. The main focus of the patch is a lot of tweaking to the Split map. This has been from the beginning one of the most hated maps by the community, so it is received with open arms.

Riot seeks to open bottlenecks to facilitate the attack

If we look back, we will remember that Split is one of the maps that developers have touched the most. At first, the area in the middle of the map was covered by a ledge that made access terribly difficult for attackers. This looked like this:

This was Split until May 2020. Source: @ValorantUpdates on Twitter

Not happy with it, in addition to removing the tremendous pillar, they changed the location of certain barriers so that the taking of the different points would be faster for the attacking side.

Now, in this patch 2.01, Valorant intends equalize the dominance of both sides. As can be seen in the Twitter thread published by the game’s official account, there is a long string of changes that you have to pay close attention to.

Mainly highlights the garage entrance from point B, which is much more comprehensive, accessible, and gives more cover to the attackers thanks to the box that they place at the exit of it. It remains to get in the game and test if these changes are enough.

Jett slightly nerfed in patch 2.01

Finally, it should be noted that they have touched Jett, very popular agent both in normal games and in the high standards of the competitive. They have reduced the time of their fumes, which although brief compared to Omen and Brimstone, had its usefulness to explode at one point. It remains to be seen if this will be a hard blow or the white-haired will continue to be just as present in the games.

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