Valorant: Omen suffers from balance changes in patch 2.0

By Ucatchers

FullEsports - Omen suffers from patch 2.0 balance changes

Despite the meta being in a relatively healthy situation, he had driver issues. At patch 2.0 from Valorant, Riot is coming to fix this as well as play the classic, too strong a secondary weapon. Bad news for the main Omen.

Omen loses steam in Valorant patch 2.0

One thing was clear. Omen I needed urgent nerfs. The versatility What his kit brings is undeniable, and the statistics support it. Counting all the phases of the European First Strike, the character was chosen in a 95% of maps, a figure that, considering the company’s balance sheet objectives, makes no sense.

There are many attributes that brought Omen to glory. Refillable fumes. Ability to generate plays with the TP. But the last straw is the Paranoia. Considered by many to be the best non-definitive skill in the game. It is extremely oppressive and helps to generate space both in attack and defense. For all these reasons, the following changes have not surprised anyone:

  • Smoke velocity reduced in a 30%. From 4000 to 2800 points.
  • Paranoia cost increased by 100%. Of 200 to 400 credits.

Brimstone Gets Love This Patch 2.0

Then this Brimstone. To reverse the situation, they have not only reduced Omen’s power in patch 2.0, but they have decided to increase the old captain’s benefits. Brimstone’s problems begin with the stimulating beacon. This is a generally useless skill. In addition to this, despite having the ability to pull 3 simultaneous fumes, not comparable to refilling the smoke of Omen, which in many situations allows you to shoot 4 smokes spaced throughout a round. With these changes, it is expected to return to see more of Brimstone inside the meta:

  • Range of smoke effect increased from 4200 to 5000 points.
  • Duration of smoke increased from 14.25 to 19.25 seconds.
  • Reduced Incendiary cost by 33%. Of 300 to 200 credits.
  • Now the Stimulating Beacon launches instantly.

Change to the right click of the Classic

Finally, these balance changes bring a expected nerf to the right click of the Classic. Hereinafter, the shots will have more dispersion as the same dynamic is used.

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