Valorant EU Masters: between surprises and spectacle

By Ucatchers

The European Phase 1 of the Valorant Champions Tour 2021 begins: eight teams compete for $ 150,000 and circuit points with a global view.

Valorant’s maximum competitive scene officially kicks off in Europe with the first EU Masters, included in the Champions Tour 2012 circuit. On 12, 13 and 14 March the eight current best European Valorant teams will compete for the first continental title after winning the right to participate thanks to the placings obtained in the Challengers circuit, tournaments open qualifier which showcased the best that Riot Games’ tactical shooter scene offers right now.

Heretics, Alliance, Ninjas in Pajamas, FPX, Guild Esports (David Beckham’s team), Dfuse Team, Ballista Esports and Team 8 are the qualified for Phase 1 of the EU Masters. In addition to the $ 150,000 prize pool, they compete to win as many circuit points as possible, necessary to qualify for the final phase of the Valorant Champions Tour 2021, the year-end world championship. The format of the open qualifier has undoubtedly messed up the cards, bringing great surprises in terms of results and performance.

Teams like G2 Esports, Fnatic, T1, OG, TSM, Liquid, C9, NRG and Evil Geniuses, all protagonists of the competitive scene in these months on both sides of the Atlantic, they failed a qualification that seemed within reach for them. The Dfuse in particular were surprising in Europe. French, they managed to eliminate from the contest the very favorite G2 Esports in the Challenger 3, an organization that from the first moment decided to bet decisively on Valorant.

Heretics, based in Spain, took out Fnatic instead, as well as being the winners of the European First Strike, and are approaching this first EU Masters with great confidence, as underlined by the head coach Tanishq “Tanizhq” Sabharwal: “The team feels confident ahead of the European Phase 1 of the Masters. We have improved every day thanks to the training and we hope to prove it in the competition. Sure, we feel the pressure of having to defend the title obtained in the European First Strike, but the players only focus on the game when they are on the server. When we enter the game, our goal is to win, regardless of the outcome. The thought that we are the best team in Europe does not even cross our minds.

We beat Fnatic, Team Liquid and G2 Esports in the European First Strike, so we’re happy to compete and hopefully win with different teams this time around. FPX Esports and Ninjas in Pajamas are on our radar, they may be the most prepared opponents we have faced so far, but at this stage no match is simple. Phase 1 of the Masters includes the best 8 teams in Europe, so we will face it one match after another, without underestimating any of the teams present. “

The appointment with the Valorant EU Masters starts on March 12th and will continue throughout the weekend with the first group stage until 14 March. Then we start again the following week from 18 to 19 with the second group stage to close on 20 and 21 March with the semifinals and finals. All live also in Italian on Agent’s Range IT channels.

For Valorant, the Masters represent the first real approach to the maximum official competitive scene: “We can’t wait for the European Masters Phase 1 matches to begin,” he has declared Daniel Ringland, Head of Valorant Emea. “VALORANT’s European scene is full of surprises and talented players, and it’s exciting to see it continue to evolve as the stakes get higher. We look forward to seeing VALORANT’s largest European tournament to date. “

The importance that Riot Games has decided to give to Valorant esports is also testified by the desire to bring its competitive title also in LAN: the next Masters will in fact be played in Reykjavik at the end of May, in the same place that will host the Mid-Season Invitational of League of Legends, the US publisher’s flagship esports title.

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