Uzi’s last great dance

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Many players leave their professional careers behind for reasons other than their age. Thus we find different adversities, such as physical injury or own mental health. Throughout the days, these professionals dedicate many hours to their career. This is something that, sooner or later, ends up taking its toll on any human being.

A clear example is that of Chris Bosh, who decided to abandon his professional basketball career after doctors detected various clots in your lungs. In another order, the mythical star, Michael Jordan, stopped playing in the NBA after his father passed away, claiming that I no longer enjoyed this sport as before. But the American would return a year later after his exodus in baseball.

The League of Legends is also no stranger to this process. One of the most prominent cases is that of Jian Zi-Hao «Uzi». On June 3, 2020, the Chinese star announced that the mouse was hanging. This is because the shooter developed type II diabetes. If to this is added chronic stress, as well as an arm that had no mobility and extreme fatigue in the rest of his body, we find an explosive mix.

Uzi: “The worst part is this area, it will affect the entire arm. Sometimes it feels like my arm is retired already…”

Cut together some of Uzi’s parts in a recent video by Nike, which talks career longevity, injuries and maintaining players health, as per the LPL partnership.

– Linda Pro League 🦦 (@iCrystalization) September 9, 2019

A star has been born

As with Michael Jordan, it didn’t take long for the League of Legends competitive scene to realize the Uzi potential. In his first season, the American had an abysmal number average, played the All-Star Game as a starter and reached the playoffs. As for Uzi, he finished fifth in the League of Legends Pro League (LPL) in his first spring season and second in summer. It even reached the 2013 World Championship final, which lost by 0: 3 to the SK Telecom T1 by Faker.

This adventure would not be the result of chance, since the Chinese star reached the Worlds finals again, in this case those of 2014. But history repeated itself again and fell 1: 3 against the team of Samsung White. No one said the road to victory was easy, but told Jordan himself, who also lost in the first round of the playoffs in his first and second years.

But despite the defeats, gazing at Uzi in Summoner’s Rift was a visual delight for the beholder. And it is that, both seeing the Chicago Bulls escort on the court and Royal’s shooter competing, was like enjoying a perfect and coordinated ballet show. Knowing that they are two completely different sports, the satisfaction of seeing both players made both the spectators and the rest of the players vibrate.

Although the American never left the club that gave him birth, Uzi decided to make an exodus that lasted a season and a half. He first joined the club OMG during 2015, to later play half a year in Qiao Gu Reapers. Much to his regret, success continued unaccompanied, since on both occasions I would not win the LPL. Even would not participate in the Worlds 2015.

The mythical Chinese shooter during a match / Image via: LoLEsports

While Uzi joined Royal Never Give Up in Summer 2016, would not win the LPL until spring 2018. Nor did he manage to win the World Championship since he would fall two consecutive years before SK Telecom T1 and lose another to G2 Esports. Uzi’s sentiment when facing the Korean team seemed similar to that of Michael Jordan fighting Larry Bird’s Boston Celtics. An impassable wall that they could not collapse.

It’s not Uzi goodbye, just see you soon

2019 became a year that we would all mark on our calendars. We would never have suspected that the last meeting we would see of Uzi It would be in the group stage of the 2019 World Championship when they fell to Fnatic. Although the one who cried to win the man who never allowed him was Rekkles, the tears were in the heart of the Chinese shooter, who must already have in his mind that this would be his last professional meeting.

The appointed date arrived. On June 3, 2020, Uzi announced to all his followers that he was leaving the competitive from League of Legends with an “Uzi out (‘-‘) 7”. As with Jordan in his first retirement, Uzi’s abandonment went viral globally. The entire community mourned the loss of possibly the best shooter in LoL history to ever win a Worlds.

But not all is lost. Just as the former Bulls guard returned to the court after his first retirement, it’s possible Uzi could get a second chance. Although the first thing is to take care of your health, the return of the shooter in the future is not ruled out. What’s more, the player, although retired, continues to play the MOBA from Riot Games. In the last days Uzi has been seen playing alongside Rookie, Invictus Gaming center lane.

Uzi’s started joking that he’ll sign with iG cause he’s duo’d so much with Rookie, but I really hope people aren’t taking it seriously because he’s still in recovery and “coming back outta retirement” shouldn’t pressure him so much when his body and health is the top priority

– Linda Pro League 🦦 (@iCrystalization) November 4, 2020

Own Uzi has joked that he will join the Chinese outfit after playing so much with the 2018 world champion. Although this statement seems unlikely today, we can always dream of the shooter’s return to Summoner’s Rift at the hands of Rookie Y TheShy, just as Jordan did with his return with Dennis Rodman Y Scottie pippen. History owes the shooter a world championship, as well as the public a last dance from Uzi himself.

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