Unicorns of Love vs CrowCrowd (LCL Spring Playoffs)

By Ucatchers

Unicorns of Love vs CrowCrowd (LCL Spring Playoffs)
Unicorns of Love HA-1.5 (Match Handicap) Share: @ 1.83 ()
Stake: 1/10 Date: Saturday April 16, 2021, 6:00 p.m. CET
Status: Open

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We go with a pick between the two strongest teams in the LCL, for the final of this same league, Unicorns of Love vs CrowCrowd. We explain why we bet on Unicorns Of Love and why we opted for its handicap.

Unicorns of Love (UOL) is the strongest team in Russia (LCL), also the most mythical. Since its creation they have won all the splits, cups and others held in Russia, on top of a fairly solid form, giving a review of all their rivals in the finals.

This Unicorns of Love split hasn’t been that dominant and this has an explanation. In the current goal it is difficult to win all the bo1 because it is very easy to make a comeback for example or mistakes are very easy to punish. There are even times when taking soul if you don’t finish quickly can backfire.

We have seen it in a recent match between Misfits and SuppUp. SuppUp after losing with a very big disadvantage, turned the game around with the elder dragon (which appears after one of the teams becomes soul). Because of this Unicorns of Love for the first time is not so favorite in the final, since the usual handicap is usually -2.5.

CrowCrowd is a very powerful team too, no one thought they were going to make it to the finals. They come from beating the regular league champion 3-0. This was something that nobody expected but it was also because of the “fault” of the regular phase champion who gave a very bad level. I don’t think they are a bad team, but UOL is a team that is better individually and also plays much better as a team.

You can see this great game live here.

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