Underdogs in LoL: LEC and LCK

By Ucatchers

Esports Stadium in League of Legends

Let’s talk about underdogs in LoL. What are underdogs? They are teams that have little chance of winning tournaments, leagues or matches, but that end up surprising. Specifically, we are going to talk about them in LEC and LCK.

In both leagues we are going to differentiate between real underdogs and between those that were not, but we did not expect them to give this high level either and this has been shown in the quotas.

If we look in the LEC, there are teams like SK Gaming and Team Vitality. All put them in the last positions without opportunities, but they have shown that it is not like that. Both teams have achieved four victories this start of the season, beating teams of the caliber of Origin and G2 inclusive.

SK Gaming came from a restructuring, where their midlaner became a toplaner and they signed a new player for the center lane, this seemed like it was not going to give results, but they have surprised everyone with a much better start than expected for everyone. Is maybe the team that has surprised us the most.

Team Vitality for their part, by changing three of their players, they could give an easier surprise, but even so, such a high level was not expected from this team.

There are also teams like Rogue and MAD Lions, who are not underdogs as such. We knew they were going to give a good level, but we didn’t expect the level they have given. Both occupy the first position and have left behind victories over superior teams.

Refering to LCK we have teams like Team Dynamics and Afreeca Freecs. Both were scheduled to be half board / low. As in the case of the LEC, both are giving a good level at the beginning of the season, playing above the expectations that we all had placed on them. Above all Afreeca Freecs that we can find them in the third position of the table, having made very good matches.

On the other hand, as in the LEC we have DAMWON. A team that we knew was going to give a good level, but that has given an outstanding level. They currently occupy the second place having won 5 of the 6 games played.

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