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By Ucatchers

There are many types of sports betting. We are not talking about markets, but about bets themselves: simple or combined for example.

It is vitally important to know what types of sports bets there are and what options they give us. Surely the word “Yanki” or “Super Yanki” sounds familiar to you, they are types of bets that are used a lot in the United States, if you want to know what they really are, read the article to the end. We are going to talk more in depth about the most “typical” types of bets. The simple and combined, doubles, trixies and triples.

To begin with, we must talk about the simple and combined, They are the most used and the ones we all know. Simple bets are the ones we use when betting on a single market, that is, betting that team A beats B. Combination bets are a set of 2 or more simple bets, and if one is missed, the bet is missed.

We go with the bets that are least known. Let’s first take a look at the double bets. In order to double bet, we have to have 3 or more singles selected. Let’s take the example that we have 3. The amount bet will be multiplied by 3, since the bookmaker will make you 3 different combinations, each one independent of the other. In other words, we want to bet that these three teams will win 1,2,3; the bookmaker will make us 3 different ones if we choose the option «doubles» 1/2, 1/3, 2/3. This way, if Team 1 loses, we can still hit the 2/3 combo. No matter the number of simple selections you choose, the double option will create all the combined of two possible selections.

For the trixies is the same scheme as the doubles. With the exception that they can only be made for bets with 3 selections. What this option will do is take the three matches and will do all the combined of two possible selections and an additional one with the 3. So that: we will have 4 different bets, 1/2, 1/3, 2/3 and 1/2 /3.

Triples are for 4 or more teams. Once again we will take the example explained above about doubles. It is the same, the only difference of this option is that instead of making combined bets of two selections, it will make them of three. That is to say; 1/2/3, 1/2/4, 1/3/4, 2/3/4. We explain an extra one, which would be the «fours«, the same as the triples, but with combined of four selections.

In these types of sports bets we have to take into account that the amount bet will be multiplied by the number of different bets that are made.

Finally, let’s see what are the Yanki and the Super Yanki. It is very easy, again we look at the above.

A yanki must have 4 selections. In the yanki, what we have seen before is mixed, since it is an option that performs all the combinations of 2, of 3 and a single of 4 selections.

A super yanki, is almost the same as a yanki. But they will be necessary 5 selectionsAs in the yanki, all possible combinations will be made, of 2, of 3, of 4 and a single of 5 selections.

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