Two Sydney casino workers fired, kicked out of New South Wales casinos for drugs and gambling

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Two casino workers at The Star Sydney were fired and kicked out of New South Wales gambling venues after serious violations, the Liquor & Gaming state authority announced.

A gambling dealer was found to have dumped a bag of drugs at Sydney’s only casino, while another employee was caught gambling during business hours. Both were fired for their misconduct and were banned from all casinos in the state for a period of five years.

Liquor & Gaming Chairman Philip Crawford said casino employees are supposed to “help safeguard the integrity of casino operations from criminal influence, gross misconduct or exploitation, and a special degree of trust is placed in them. “

The Star presents new expansion plan for the Sydney Casino

CCTV captured the casino dealer standing on the balcony overlooking the city of The Star Sydney with another person when he threw a white powder bag on the railing. Security found the bag hidden behind the plants on the edge of the casino.

The casino interviewed its employee about the incident, but did not reveal where the bag came from. He told security that he had found it in his pocket and that he wanted to get rid of it. After being caught in possession of the black powder substance, the now-former Star Sydney dealer was accused and faced court in early 2020.

Another employee supports the game

Another Sydney casino employee was caught gambling during business hours earlier this year. The unidentified worker admitted to having carried out 28 bets in a gambling app in January and February.

Liquor & Gaming said it had worked at the gaming establishment for 11 years prior to the incident. He admitted to gambling frequently during working hours during the first two months of the year.

The Star Sydney self-reported the violations by its two employees to Liquor & Gaming. The regulator reviewed the matter and supported the casino in its decision to fire the two employees. The authority also issued a five-year casino ban on the couple preventing them from accessing any of the state’s casinos.

Owned and operated by Australian casino operator The Star Entertainment Group, The Star is Sydney’s only casino. Earlier this month, the company withdrew staff at its Sydney and Brisbane gambling properties, as they were allowed increase business after the governments of New South Wales and Queensland eased Covid-19 restrictions that had been in place for months.

The Star Sydney could increase your capacity from 1,800 guests and visitors to 10,000. The casino owner said easing the restrictions allowed him to welcome back additional employees “as well as more of our members and guests to safe and entertaining environments.”

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