tua133 wins the Bounty Builder HR $ 530 on Pokerstars.com

By Ucatchers

On the contrary, none of the GGPoker tournaments with Spaniards hovering around the top positions did not quite square.

Lander Lijó in Montreal [Foto: PokerNews]

Lander Lijó in Montreal [Foto: PokerNews]

Tuesday’s sessions at rooms “.com” They have had a clear winner in the comparison of results between Spanish players.

Lander Lijó “tua133” rose to the top step of the podium at Pokerstars.com’s $ 530 High Roller Club HR, the second-highest-purse tournament of the day, with $ 125,000 in prize money. The accounts are simple, That bag corresponds to 250 records, including two possible rebuys for each player that Lander fortunately has not had to resort to.

The two most dangerous players on paper remained in the final table bubble, Juanki Vecino “B4NKR0LL3R” stood watching from the outside (10th, $ 3,044), while Guntis Aleskins “poker @ luffyD” he was the first eliminated under the lights (9th, $ 2,162). The game had a strong Central European influence, but the opponent who finally stood up to “tua133” to fight to defend the final bounty was a Brazilian, “HHenrque09”.

There was no result that could compare to this in GGPoker, because none had even a similar prize to shot, to begin with. Yes there were chances to surpass the five figures in a single prize, but they died in the FT.

  • Juan Pardo, 7th in the High Rollers Fifty Stack $ 500 (62 registrations, $ 1,865)
  • Juan Pardo, 3rd in the High Rollers The Closer $ 800 (21 registrations, $ 2,937)
  • Juanki Neighbor, 5th in the Forty Stack $ 400 (138 registrations, $ 3,751)

The list is expanded if we add a suspicious nick, with an Andorran flag and sound in harmony with the Spanish language.

  • Lorraine800, 4th in the Daily Main Event $ 200 (386 registrations, $ 5,461)
  • Paularcita, 4th in the High Rollers Blade Closer (35 registrations, $ 12,097)

We will have to be attentive to this last nickname, which debuted in the room on January 26, and in only 41 tournaments it has received two five-figure prizes, the aforementioned and a final table worthy of cover in the Sunday High Rollers Main Event 1,050 $ last Sunday (7th, $ 30,356).

With the same parameters, we can mention a nick result “railerita” on Pokerstars.com.

Tricolor flag of the Principality, Spanish diminutive and a 2nd place in the Mini Bounty Builder HR 55 $, the best equipped tournament of the day in the room. It is a nickname that is known to us from Winamax and other rooms in the regulated market, an important clue. his prize was $ 13,695.

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