tua133 raises the Spanish win count in the Pokerstars.com SCOOP to four

By Ucatchers

The collapse of the large Spanish team in the first levels on day 2 of SCOOP-66-H respected Lander, who stole the double at the festival from Jonah Silverstein.

Tua at the EPT in Barcelona (Pokerstars)

Tua at the EPT in Barcelona (Pokerstars)

New triumph of the Red in the Spring Championship of Online Poker of Pokerstars.com, which this time you have to register in the account Lander Lijó “tua133”.

In view of the Sunday chronicle, where we reviewed the Hispanic classifieds for the different days 2 of the SCOOP events, the SCOOP-66-H 8-Max $ 1,050, in which the list of Hispanic survivors occupied several lines of text.

The Spaniards added six of 103 applicants in an important event that had gone to a purse of $ 813,000 and proposed a prize of $ 136,630 for the champion.

However, tempers cooled down quite a bit after the first levels of the resumption. Ours were choked on the prize jump of $ 2,821 and, after the elimination of Juan Pardo in 50th place, Lander Lijó was left alone in the face of danger: The five fallen were “Malaka $ tyle“(50th, $ 2,821),”NutsInMacadá“(52nd, $ 2,821),”t4t0PAGAU“(58th, $ 2,821),”EzPaTuLa“(84º, $ 2,209) and”gordon0410“(90º.2.209 $).

Lander’s final triumph accumulated prestige as the identities of his title rivals were confirmed. The FT bubble ate her Luke Reeves “Bit2easy”; the first elimination from the final table was suffered Niklas Astedt “Lena900”; and so on until it was time to face the last rival of all, the Canadian flag player Jonah Silverstein “RaiseUpBlind”.

Although Silverstein may seem at first to have less of a name than the player colts we have mentioned, it is quite possible that he was the worst possible customer. It was the fourth heads-up of SCOOP 2021 that the American played, proving to be one of the fittest grinders at the festival. Specifically, it occupies the fourth provisional position in the leaderboard of the High events of the festival, only surpassed by Niklas Astedt, Simon Mattson and Patrick Leonard.

Victory for “tua133”, which joins the two that Adrián Mateos has and the one that set the record for audienca on Twitch for Elías Gutiérrez “SinKarma”, in what is an enviable balance for our exiles, that we all had signed before starting, and with a whole week ahead to improve it.

No less remarkable than the large presence of Hispanics at SCOOP 66-H was the advantageous position with which “But I am“I was facing the day 2 of SCOOP # 62-H PKO 530 $.

Second of 31 candidates, “PeroQmaloSoy” defended tooth and nail his rightful place at the start of the final table. What he could not specify was his presence in the heads-up, as it was eliminated in fifth position. The best thing was that the good work done as a bigstack resulted in a significant harvest of bountys and his final prize amounted to 18,289$.

Yesterday’s rankings summary helped us identify the best tricks for Red, which resulted in wins and FT. Let’s see what the thing looks like today.

Finished (> $ 500k. Top 50):

  • SCOOP # 63-M 8-Max Sunday Warm-Up $ 215 Miguel Silva Inca7bar“(Portugal, $ 90,408) Field: 3,131 records. Best Spanish:”i’m fat“(55th, $ 1,046).
  • SCOOP # 63-H 8-Max Sunday Warm-Up $ 2,100: Claas sagebrecht SsickOnE“(Germany, $ 176,351 *) Field: 538 records.
  • SCOOP # 64-M PKO 530 $: “kleinebakker007“(Netherlands, $ 210,519) Field: 3,835 records.
  • SCOOP # 64-H PKO Sunday HR $ 5,200 Patrick Leonard pads1161“(UK, $ 258,006) Field: 255 records. Best Spanish:”Malaka $ tyle“(24th, $ 9,659).
  • SCOOP # 66-M 8-Max 109 $: Renan Carlos Bruschi Internett93o“(Brazil, $ 87,202) Field: 6,136 records.

Spaniards on Day 2:

  • SCOOP # 70-H $ 530 (38 players out of 730): “roikeloo“(14th),”B4NKR0LL3R“(38º).

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