tua133 and Juan Pardo are victorious on Tuesday at .com

By Ucatchers

Adrián Mateos accompanied them with a couple of good results that could have been better, but ours continue to avoid the FT at festivals.

Lander, in Montreal [Foto: Party-PokerNews]

Lander, in Montreal [Foto: Party-PokerNews]

Spanish players established in jurisdictions open to the global online poker market are not taking advantage of the festivals that Pokerstars and GGPoker they are dedicating him to bounty tournaments.

We have not been able to decipher a nickname that identifies one of our own in any of the final tables of those events. Even so, there are many notes of interest in the day, because, in the absence of festivals, regular tournaments are good.

Thus, at Pokerstars, Lander Lijó “tua133” he found his own bar with bountys at the High Roller Club, and was left with the victory of the Bounty Builder 530 $ High Roller.

The result was unbeatable, since the bountys accumulated by eliminating the most possible players from the field of 169 participants it far exceeded the award for first place.

The total sum of Lander’s award was $ 16,633.

At GGPoker, Juan Pardo he was very active, participating in quite a few Bounty Hunter Series tournaments. They are quite complicated tournaments to evaluate, because many give their entire bag in bounties, and sometimes a sixth or seventh classified charges more than a second or third.

Anyway, the man from Malaga pulled the manual and went straight for the High Rollers Mulligan $ 5,250 that has given us so many joys.

They were only collected 20 registrations -two of Adrián Mateos-, so the bag stayed at $ 100,000. Juan dragged more than half, $ 52,250.

Since we mentioned Amadi in passing, we can close with a couple of balls to the Madrid’s post.

Adrián was playing multiroom. On Pokerstars, he finished 3rd out of 59 players on the Daily Supersonic $ 530, with an award of 4,636$.

At GGPoker, his best performance came in the High Rollers Marathon, an $ 840 tournament in which he and Malaka spent three innings to stay in play until the final three table.

An Argentine player who answers to the nickname “Kabuzzi” defeated them both. Adri took $ 15,037 for second place and Juan finished third with a prize of $ 11,323.

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