TSM to sign Huni and SwordArt according to rumors

By Ucatchers

Swordart could go to TSM

After the end of the competitive season, the time of transfers and rumors comes with several surprises and bombs like those of TSM with Huni. Thus, the North American champion will try to defend an LCS title that will change next year with just one split.

The signing of Heo “Huni” Seung-hoon as toplaner for the team led by Yiliang “DoubleLift” Peng would be quite reasonable. for the rumors that spread relatively recently about the departure of Broken Blade to Europe, specifically to Schalke 04.

Huni and SwordArt would be TSM’s star transfers

In addition to Toplaner Huni from Evil Genuises to TSM, the Hu «SwordArt» Shuo-Chieh stand would be the team’s other main trump card. The current runner-up in the world could jump the pond to help NA raise the bar, in exchange for a significant amount of money.

Sources: @TSM will pick up current Worlds finalist SwordArt from Suning Gaming as their starting support for the 2021 #LCS season.

The Taiwanese support will replace Biofrost.

– Pablo Suárez (@BloopGG) November 17, 2020

This change in the TSM botlane was quite necessaryAs the American shooter Doublelift was seriously depleted this year compared to other players in his league at the AD Carry position, in addition to his dismal level at Worlds. The support carry factor in SwordArt It will be key in the American team.

PowerOfEvil to replace current TSM coach

With the retirement of Søren «Bjergsen» Bjerg from competitive League of Legends as a player, TeamSoloMid’s center lane was vacant and he needed a player to match the Dane. It is because of that they thought of a veteran player who suited the role that the player had before the mouse hung.

Tristan “PowerOfEvil” Schrage would be the replacement for Bjergsen in the midlane ahead of the upcoming League of Legends season in North America. While bigger names like Perkz were expected, German would be a very good option for the club American. its seniority in both LCS and Worlds makes it perfect for a team riddled with old glories.

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