Trace a SCOOP win and three thrilling moments in a ZeroS poker hand

By Ucatchers

The end of SCOOP means a respite, especially for those who have savored success at the festival. ZeroS won a tournament, and had a lot of golden moments in their streams.

Flop, turn and rives, three streets to suffer

Flop, turn and rives, three streets to suffer

The Spring Championship of Online Poker that just ended on Pokerstars was perhaps the first that many fans have learned to enjoy through multiple channels of information.

The news portals have maintained an informative flow that this time we have been able to complement with an abundance of unpublished material that has offered us the generalization of the creation of content through streaming.

Elijah Gutierrez It has been one of the pillars that has sustained the interest of the festival through its live broadcasts. On his golden minute of SCOOP, issuing victory in one of the High, “ZeroS” got a new mark by gathering 15,000 visitors to its Twitch channel.

The latest videos uploaded to the YouTube channel of “ZeroS” collect the most magical moments of these three weeks so full of emotion, represented by a summary of the tournament that he managed to win and a very visual montage of all the emotions he goes through a player involved in the crucial phases of one of the most important tournaments on the Web.

If you have not been able to dedicate the necessary time to Elías’ adventures throughout his daily sessions of several hours, these videos can give you a fairly faithful idea of ​​what his life could experience these days on many Twitch and Youtube channels on which were broadcast numerous final tables and even victories in the SCOOP tournaments, as Elías, Fintan Hand, Ben Rolle, etc …

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