Top Esports raises a dream series against Fnatic and leaves them out of Worlds

By Ucatchers

Fnatic loses to Top Esports in WorldsFnatic loses to Top Esports in Worlds

The tie of Worlds quarterfinals that faced Fnatic and Top Esports for a pass to the semifinals He was waiting for a stompeo from the Chinese. However, those of Mithy started out spectacularly and showing a League of Legends unimaginable until now.

However, Top Esports reacted to a two zero that seemed nearly impossible to overcome except for the declared best team in the world. So, Fnatic went from reaching the top to falling crashingly in a Worlds quarterfinal.

Bwipo starts the Worlds quarters with enthusiasm

The first game of the series already came with a little surprise in the draft. Most of the champions chosen by the teams are comfort picks, in which Rekkles has chosen his now famous Senna and by Top Esports with Zoe for Knight or Graves for Karsa. However, the Volibear ban for Bwipo has made the Belgian Toplaner come up with an ace up his sleeve: Singed. The Mad Chemist is a classic pick for the Fnatic player, which in turn is a way to baffle the opponent and make his team change plans in unexpected ways.

He The start of the game was quite balanced between both teams. Bwipo’s Singed was starting to wreak havoc on the Toplane, but was besieged by Karsa’s Graves and Ornn’s knockups. On the other hand Rekkles kept harassing JackeyLove making the Chinese shooter unable to do anything during the first minutes of the game.

As the game progressed, the dream came true. The combination of Singed, Galio, and Kindred worked incredibly well, while Rekkles did massive damage with Senna from a safe area. Although for many, the MVP of the game has been for Hylissang with an impeccable Rakan and literally falling in love with the entire Top Esports lineup. The dream came true and Fnatic was finally getting ahead in this best-of-five series against Top Esports.

Fnatic’s dream in Worlds is coming

Already in the second game of the series, Fnatic is still on the red side and therefore, waiting to answer the Top Esports picks. This time, Senna switched teams to Top Esports and Ornn to Bwipo. On the other hand, the Sylas from Knight could be decisive for the definitive ones that you can steal like that of Orianna, Ornn or Kindred. Still, if Fnatic reaches late game, we could dream of Fnatic’s second win in a row.

The The game seemed to smile for the Chinese, who although they did not take the first blood, they took three murders to a few levels. Gangplank looked quite comfortable and with his ult he was helping any of his allies from the other lines. However Yuyainja does not seem to have his best day and in less than 15 minutes he had already five deaths under his belt without any assistance. On the other hand, Karsa looked like another totally different jungle, missing all the spears he threw with Jarvan IV.

The game was starting to get a lot more expensive for Mithy, with a spectacular Rekkles and a splendid Braum as a companion. Bwipo’s Ornn is as always a fairly safe pick for the Belgian and Nemesis, appearing just enough to quickly end the Teamfights for Top Esports. As we discussed in the previous one, Selfmade has once again been a fundamental pillar in the game, launching crucial ultimatures to save his team and rampaging around the summoner’s rift. Thus, Fnatic added another victory and about to win the great favorite of the World Cup and give the surprise.

Top Esports awakens and extends the Worlds tie

The possible last game of Fnatic was going to be a bit more different than what we have become used to. The European team opted for a more risky draft, with a Vel’koz for Nemesis to try to counter Knight’s Orianna and a Kha’Zix in the jungle for Selfmade since the composition of the Chinese was quite weak except for the Sion of 369. On the other hand, Karsa preferred to choose a comfort champion for him such as Lee Sin and JackeyLove returned with his Ezreal waiting for him to climb better than in the previous games.

Unfortunately for the Europeans, their selection did not perform quite well early in the game. Except for the bottom lane, the other two lines were heavily besieged by Knight and Karsa. Further, the Sion of 369 has been pristine in the line phase, which with first blood for him and two plates in the top lane benefited him greatly.

Finally Fnatic was trying to go back the game trying to get the dragon soul to have a little more chance of going back the game. However JackeyLove swept the Mithy and taking advantage of the very good scaling that the shooter has. Thus, Top Esports the third map very fast and leaving the tie open.

Chinese fury takes over the Worlds

Fnatic began a crucial game with a Favorable draft for Europeans against Top Esports that miss a lot of damage per second and stuns in its composition. The Chinese draft is entirely focused on the early-late game, with the Jayce-Nidalee connection that can wreak havoc if they play it right.

He Fnatic’s start seemed even, but Selfmade took it upon himself to spice up the possible last game of the tie. As was almost to be expected, Fnatic took the first blood and several quite important kills for Rekkles and Selfmade. Even so, Top Esports was struggling to fight and want to go back in the tie, with a Splendid Karsa and a pretty solid Jayce from Knight

However, Top Esports seemed to awaken from its slumber after two lost games, with an impeccable Knight and a Karsa that has been crucial for the departure of the Chinese. Although Fnatic tried, the plays did not seem to go quite right and it seems that bad luck was now accompanying Mithy’s. Thus, Top Esports ended the game after two group fights in which Fnatic was somewhat disoriented.

Goodbye to Fnatic’s dream against a spectacular Top Esports

It was time to remember the best moments of Fnatic to dream of the Worlds semifinals. The composition of the Europeans was not bad at all, with fairly comfortable champions for players with Senna and Rakan for Rekkles and Hylissang respectively. On the part of Top Esports, the Lee Sin of Karsa returned to be scary and 369 chose Vladimir to try to counter Gangplank.

The match it started face to face for the Chinese, with a first blood for Lee Sin and a Knight quite hooked on Sylas. JackeyLove played an Ezreal quite well and effectively controlling Rekkles in the botlane. Bwipo didn’t play badly against 369 and got a couple of kills that could help Fnatic win.

However, the dreams of Europe faded as the game progressed, with a spectacular Knight and a Karsa teaching the world how to play Lee Sin. JackeyLove for his part had a quite comfortable encounter and Yuyainja did what he had to do, not die. Thus, China once again beat Europe and hopes were dashed, although Fnatic left with his head held high.

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