Toneecho ?? makes sure the Bounty Builder Series does not end without Spanish triumph

By Ucatchers

It began to sting that the festival was approaching the end without victory for the Red. wisopekeño! he lost a HU but Seoane improved the result an hour later.

Seoane, in a WPT in 2016

Seoane, in a WPT in 2016

A festival without a La Roja triumph would be a stain on the record of our exalted group of pros who were established abroad.

The Pokerstars Bounty Builder Series, which ends on the 26th, they began to be dangerously close to avoiding our pride, which has been saved with the best day by far of the entire festival.

At five thirty in the morning, Andrés González “wisopekeño!” he had in his hand open the can, stuck in the BB-133 HR SE HU $ 530 and after getting rid of Artur Martirosian, who was a little more scary in name than the other finalists, without belittling the rest of the successful FT regs.

However, Scott Hill “D_DIGGLER99” did not share our anxiety and prevailed in the duel for the last bountys, relegating Andrés second place of 545 participants (2nd, $ 28,873).

At that very moment, Miguel Seoane “¿toneecho ??” was in the middle of another final table, the BBS-139 NLHE $ 1,050, with some beast like “Tripleeeee“or”progressive69“That he had multitable both tournaments until the lights. Amadi and Malaka had lost themselves in the last two tables and he was already the last Spaniard playing the festival at that time.

The problem for Miguel were the Brazilian players. There were two left in front of him, “felipecv” and “pycadasgalax”, the most resistant of a field of 210 records.

Miguel dispatched them in a chain and ended the Hispanic drought at the festival with a sovereign bounty who reported him a prize of $ 45,653.

At GGpoker, the prizes made investment painless.

The best that was scratched was a third place Juan Pardo in the Blade Big Game Hunter $ 5,250 (3rd, $ 29,986), behind the already named Martirosian and an anonymous Canadian named “PUYA” who yesterday took a triumphant walk through many of the High rollers that were played in the Asian room .

Juan earned another podium in the $ 1,050 HR Main Event, but posted four times to collect $ 8,559.

Adrian Mateos He also had to click the cashier a few times to get something of value on the BHS-217 HR SE $ 525 and the $ 840 HR Marathon, with prizes that together narrowly exceeded $ 10,000.

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