¿Toneecho ??, Juan Pardo and Adrián Mateos raise the level of results of La Roja in .com

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¿Toneecho ??, Juan Pardo and Adrián Mateos raise the level of results of La Roja in .com

It's not bad at all

It’s not bad at all

In recent days, the final table of the WSOP Main Event International and Ramón Miquel Muñoz have captured our attention in the international section.

Meanwhile, at GGPoker and at Pokerstars, the rest of the pros who represent us abroad have had other opportunities to get good results, and it is welcome that we name them too.

Where we are fishing a lot, despite the small team we present, it is at the WSOP Circuit Online that has invaded the GGPoker lobby. We say invaded because the festival has engulfed a good number of regular tournaments, especially with high buy-in. Many daily tournaments carry the WSOP sticker on these dates.

Sergi Reixach has been absent since September, Vicent Boscá since the beginning of November and Sergio Aido makes sporadic appearances, like the one we noticed last Monday. The once large Spanish High Rolles team is limited to Adrián Mateos and Juan Pardo, but the two of them never disappoint. In recent days, they have come together to obtain three five-figure prizes, and even more significant, victories, unevenly distributed in favor of the Malaga player.

  • 14-12: Adrián Mateos: Winner WSOP-C High Rollers $ 2,500 Blade Prime (43,764$, 79 players).
  • 16-12: Juan Pardo: Winner WSOP-C High Rollers $ 2,500 Blade Prime (40,301$, 65 players).
  • 16-12: Juan Pardo: 4th at the WSOP-C High Rollers $ 2,500 Blade Closer (15,529$, 54 players).

One would say that the HR Blade Prime is an excellent candidate for a talisman tournament for our emigrants, but if there is a tournament that has earned that distinction in the “.com” rooms, that is the Bounty Builder HR $ 530 from Pokerstars.

This past dawn he crowned a Spaniard again, Miguel Seoane “¿toneecho ??”, which got rid of a field of 248 occurrences who reserved the Belarusian “HATE007” as a rival in the Heads-up.

The Extremaduran successfully defended an unbeatable bounty that was worth 50% more than the first for position, and took $ 26,982 from a $ 124,000 bag.

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