Tom Dwan asks for Isildur1 and they point him towards a € 2 / € 5 game

By Ucatchers

If he had asked us, he would have saved himself the harassment of Dan Cates, who continues to haunt him with the utopia of unearthing the Durrrr Challenge.

Possible reunion?  Pokernews

Possible reunion? Pokernews

Nostalgia has invaded poker across the board.

The tenth anniversary of Black Friday, the resurrection of old television shows or the bloody pandemic, which makes us long for the circuit, have us all dusting off the photo albums under the cover of the figurative fire, because who has a real fireplace? to get closer to?

The prodigal son of this era that we are having to live is Tom Dwan, the “durrrr” of our young years, which has been chosen to carry the weight of the new edition of “High Stakes Poker”. Dwan stayed off the radar for several years, until times have dictated that it was time for him to return to prominence in the present day of the 52 charts.

Nostalgia is often fed back. The skeins that we begin to unroll are made up of many different threads, and each one that we dare to pull embarks us on a new journey into the past. This time the one who has pulled the thread has been Dwan himself, who has invoked on Twitter the another great rising star and fundamental pillar of online poker of the late first decade of the 21st century.

Yo, anyone able to get in touch with @ViktorBlom?

Hope you’re well buddy, have a cool spot for u … hit me

– Tom Dwan (@TomDwan) April 23, 2021

“Hey, can someone put me in touch with Viktor Blom? Hope you’re okay mate, I have a good position for you … give me a hint.”

Viktor Blom is “Isildur1”. If you consider yourself a good poker fan, Blom must be part of your religion. To his credit are achievements such as elevating Full Tilt Poker’s nosebleeds into a mass phenomenon, sustaining high stakes himself in the post Black Friday years, and having made more headlines than anyone else in the industry. He is a capital figure in the history of online poker and, like Dwan, he has been reported missing for a good season.

His exit was not as dramatic as that of “durrrr”. No rumors about kidnappings or unacceptable debts with the Chinese Triads have arisen, as we know of, as in the case of their counterpart in the tweet mentioned above.

Blom was reducing intensity his presence in networks, first, and in the spotlight, later. He chose more and more retired venues to continue exercising his professional work, such as Unibet, which renounced several international markets at the time of the regulations, and the little interest it showed in international live circuits did not allow it to continue nurturing its presence in the media. A year ago, he was officially considered missing from the poker map.

What happened to “Isildur1”, you may be wondering, will “durrrr” find him?

He should have asked us, or better yet, the source, Assopoker. In February of last year, at Poker10 we wrote down all the clues necessary to find Blom.

The Swede is the host of an online application called Pokio, a poker app that works as a rental space for private clubs that lets you organize timbas managed by the hosts of each virtual club in its facilities.

Blom opened one of those clubs, and Pokio’s managers offered him a deal to represent the club. In Pokio, Highstakesdb’s companions have found him, inviting people to join a game of PLO € 2 / € 5, a level far removed from the ones I used to play in the past.

In February of last year, Blom’s plans were to focus on live poker, which would have immediately brought him back to poker today. At that point we leave you. But we all know what happened, and his absence has grown longer and longer, to the point where Dwan has given up on him.

“Isildur1” will have answered him privately or he will not have seen it, but whoever did see it was Daniel Cates “jungleman”, who replied to “durrrr” with a cross-question: “and to contact you, what should be done? We have pending accounts.”

It refers, obviously, to the Durr Challenge, but, buffff, that thread is one that right now neither we nor anyone in their right mind should want to throw … It is more interesting to know:

What will Dwan have to offer Blom?

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