Tips to Win in BlackJack

By Ucatchers

Hello, fellow readers of Wincatchers. Welcome to our Blackjack strategy section, where we share interesting information to help you to become a professional player. In this opportunity we are going to give you a list of tips to win in Blackjack, a series of pieces of advise that you should follow to get the best possible results when playing this beautiful card game.

Either you are a professional player or a beginner in the blackjack game, there are always different aspects of the game that you should consider to make more enjoyable your experience when betting on this game and also to avoid common mistakes related to gameplay.

Tips to Win in Blackjack

In this article, we have prepared for you a list of recommendations to help you to win. Let’s start with it.

Take advantage of Bonuses and Promotions

When you have the chance, try to use the online casino bonus on the game, to have some advantage in relation with your bets. What is more, in regular casinos, sometimes players are offered prize cards that you can use to obtain some benefits. You should try to use them to reduce the cost at betting.

Learn and use the Basic Strategy

In general, blackjack is a game that depends on strategy, so if don’t know how to play blackjack, your chances of winning money are really low. For this reason, the use of mathematics is very useful in matters of strategy.

If you pay attention to this basic strategy and use it in every hand, the advantage of the casino can be reduced up to 1%, and your chances will surely raise. In case you don’t have a good memory, you can always buy and use strategy charts to decide the correct decision for every hand. Those charts are legal and you can use then without problems.

Ignore your opponents

Unlike poker, in black jack you don’t need to study your opponents. In case you play on an online casino, ignore this tip. However, in regular casinos you can see all of them and you should try nos to pay attention to their way of playing, their strategy and their performance in matters of winning and loses.

Play on Tables with Blackjack Standard Rules

Unless you are an experienced player looking for new options, you shoul avoid playing on blackjack tables with complicated rules. It would be better for you to play with standard rules as your winning chances tend to be better. Remember that you can always chek the rules of the table on the blackjack carpet.

Another important matter to consider is the payment. Try to play only when you have a minimum paytable of 3-2 or better.  Check also if in the game applies the rule that the croupier should stop in 17.

Besides this, try to play in blackjack tables following the rule that less decks is better. You will have better chances playing with 2 decks than with 8 decks, so read about it before start betting.

Avoid Raising your bets without a Strategy

You need to think that you are going to win just because, so raising your bets even if you are not experiencing a winning streak only because you think that it´s the time for you to win usually ends up on bigger loses. So, use your strategies wisely to get better results, as in the case of the side bets, such as 21+3 .

Don’t Drink Alcohol

If you are playing in a regular casino, take that tip into consideration. Even if you are offered free alcoholic drinks on a casino, you should refuse them. Alcohol may dull your senses and you could make big mistakes. The same can happen if you are drinking alcohol at home and playing in a online casino at the same time.

We hope you liked our article and also that you can follow our pieces of advice to become a better player. Blackjack is one of the best card games to play based on strategy and we think that you need to be aware of these situations to live a better experience.

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