Tips for Slot Machines

By Ucatchers

Hello, fellow readers of Wincatchers and welcome to our article about tips for slot machines. It’s well known that slots are one of the best attractions for players as they don’t need to know many rules in order to play. Thus, titles like Starburst, King Kong, Donuts, Vikings and so on, are played by many people. However, there are some tips that you prepare for you that we are sure that can help you a lot.

In this article we are not going to deal with genres, types or different slot machine versions, such as classic or special ones, but with pieces of advice and also aspects of the slots to consider before risking your money on them. We are positive that if you follow our tips, you will be able to enjoy better the slots world.

Tips for Slot Machines

We have prepared for you a list of seven aspects of the slots that you should consider. Bear in mind that the more you know the better your chances of raising your winning. Let’s see them.

Higher Risks mean Higher Prizes

When you choose a slot machine to play, apart from theme and popularity you should also consider your betting chances, which in matters of slots it’s also called RTP (return to player). In general, slots can have a RTT of up to 92% or sometimes more. Thus, you should pay attention to this value when you place your bets on a slot machine.

Play Always according to your Budget

Remember that you have almost always the chance to play slots for free, so don’t waste your money if you can avoid it. Apart from that, many gambling platforms give bonuses to use on them. Besides, you can use the amount of money to cover 250 plays, this way, you’ll have both chances of winning and of recovering.

Raise your Bets Slowly

One of the most important thing in matters of gambling game is knowing the game. Remember that knowledge is power, so it’s crucial for you to get used to the slot you want to bet on. Fortunately, many online casinos let you try them for practice if you want, so don’t miss your chance and do it. You’ll understand it better when you bet your own money.

Play Progressive Slots

If you want not only to play but also to have the chance to make money, you should try your luck in progressive slots, that is to say, those in which prizes raise according to the amount of lost bets

Be Aware of Game Levels

This tip goes hand in hand with the previous one, as if you play progressive slots you need to know that in order to get the best prizes you need to reach certain level first. Some slot machines give you pass to a new screen or a new section, for example, and that means that you are improving in the and, as a consequence, your chances of winning the pot are also raising.

Choose Games That You Like

You can decide if you are going to give priority to titles you like or titles that pay you more money (if you win, of course). In general, in online casinos there are dozens of slot games, so it’s better for you to play on games that you enjoy as you can have fun even if you lose.

Don’t Rely on Potential Mistakes

Nowadays, slot machines work with video system so, in comparison with those one from the past, errors have been greatly reduced. For this reason, there are not cheats, illegal strategies or tricks that you can use to have an extra advantage. So, don’t pay attention to tutorials saying the opposite or you’ll end up wasting your money.


We hope you liked our tips for slot machines, those enjoyable games that many players love. Just remember to play always on casinos that operate under a legal license in your country. This way, you can enjoy and play safely as well.

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