This is TynX, the Danish rough diamond from SK Gaming

By Ucatchers

Tynx new jungle from SK Gaming

The SK Gaming transfer market Ahead of LEC 2021 it has been full of changes, where the young Danish jungle from the French club LDLC stands out above all: Kristian “TynX” Østergaard.

The Scandinavian gamer arrives at SK Gaming after an outstanding season at the French LDLC club with him he has won the French league and the EU Masters in the spring. Despite the fact that in the summer split they did not get either of these two titles, his enormous vision of the game has led him to the LEC.

A Tynx with a giant past and rider

The Danish jungle race started in 2016 in a Danish club that did not last long in the team as a highly known team in Spain was waiting for him: KIYF Esports. After half a year in the club already disappeared, traveled to Malaga to play with Giants Gaming in a very curious team with Razork, Gilius, Th3Antonio, Jiizuke, among others.

But It wasn’t until 2018 that it really started to shine upon landing at the french club of Gamers Origin, in which he left several flashes of talent. After another I spend much more mediocre at Movistar Riders, arrived this year at LDLC to begin your journey to the League of Legends European Championship (LEC).

A favorable goal for SK Gaming’s new Danish jungle

Speaking of his style of play, TynX chooses to be very aggressive and be the protagonist of the game. And it is reflected in its best champions with Graves or Nidalee in which Power Farming predominates, where you have to wait to have an object or two and from there to destroy the rival.

Even so, is able to also choose early game characters such as Lee Sin or Elise but also champions who stand out a lot in very advanced stages in the game like Karthus or Sejuani. Seeing how it can be metagame next season, it is likely that the Danish win more than one MVP in their first year of LEC.

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