These are the best weapons in CoD: Black Ops Cold War

By Ucatchers

Best weapons CoD Black Ops Cold War

The Last November 13, the new installment of Activision’s famous shooting franchise, CoD: Black Ops Cold War, went on sale with new maps and weapons. Treyarch’s latest game has garnered very good sales in its first week of life, although they are expected to grow even more next week when the Playstation 5 land in Europe.

With a new Call Of Duty game, the eternal question always comes to mind: What weapons are the best in the game? Many of the fans of the saga search and fiddle with almost every weapon to find out what submachine gun or rifle can make them rise in the league and prestige. That is why we bring you a summary about the most optimal weapons to fully enter the new installment of Activision.

The AK-47 always reigns in Call of Duty

As to Assault rifles, we have different very appetizing options if we want to sweep in competitive Cold War games. The FFAR1, also called Fames in other Call of Duty, it is a pretty powerful weapon if we know how to control all its cadence. Although the XM4, call M4 usually, It has also left very good feelings between the players.

But nevertheless, AK-47 still reigns in all the Call of Duty sagas, from Modern Warfare to now through Black ops 1. For maps of close encounters is deadly and very effective, although it suffers a bit at medium long distance. However, knows how to defend himself very well in any field and his default look is very comfortable unlike the others, although that is more according to each one.

The MP5 is an infallible weapon in CoD: Black Ops Cold War

Talking about submachine guns, There are not so many that work quite well as it happens in rifles, since with the AK-47 we have plenty to cover ourselves at short distances. However, her little sister AK-74U performs very well in these areas and its balance in all attributes it makes him a killing machine that never disappoints.

But if you want to go at all costs and without stopping, the MP5 is your weapon in this Call of Duty. If it was already a headache in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, in this installment he seems to be even stronger than before. its shot is insultingly fast and defends himself too well long distance.

Little variety in rifles and machine guns

Talking about tactical rifles, we don’t have much to choose from. The M16 would be the best option for players who prefer to be in the background and attack from different flanks. From up close it is not very good, but from a distance it is lethal with only two bursts so you will have to pay attention to the windows.

On the other hand we would have the light machine guns, with content similar to tactical rifles not having many options. The Stoner would be the best machine gun in this Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War by faras it works almost like an assault rifle and its damage is ridiculous. Besides, his range is very wide and its recoil is hardly noticeable.

CoD: Black Ops Cold War Will Keep Snipers Happy Too

If you are one of those players who likes to exploit games from afar with the sniper, Treyarch has also taken you into account for this new installment. The LW3 is the perfect sniper for the most accurate gamers, with incredible mobility and a pretty good cadence reminding us of the famous Ballista or Intervention in previous CoDs.

Finally, lShotguns don’t have much variety either, and specifically in this game they are not the best weapons out there. The only one that can give us joy would be Hauer 77, which is totally lethal at very short distances.

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