There was no miracle at Amadi’s final table at SCOOP

By Ucatchers

The festivals weren’t the most prolific preserves for Spanish players in Sunday’s preview. They did better in the daily tournaments.

The triplet was quite far

The triplet was quite far

Adrian Mateos He had left us homework for the weekend.

On Thursday night, Amadi parked a final table at the High Roller version of Thursday Thrill, encapsulated in the calendar of the Spring Championship of Online Poker.

Because Fridays are the official day of rest in the festival of Pokerstars, Only Side Events are played, Adrián had an extra 24 hours to prepare a game that had little mystery. The Madrilenian was the last of the table with 15bb. You had to find the good hand as soon as possible, in order to improve positions.

On Saturday’s first hand, Adrian defended the blind against kings and hit a pair on the flop, but survived without further losses due to the presence of an ace on the board and because his pair was deuces. The all-in came with 10bb and starting behind, but that one was won.

Aliaksei Boika had the beautiful gesture of losing almost 50bb and advancing the Spanish award table one place. Little else remained to be done, and the broadcast of Pokerstars Spain had to put a soundtrack to a setup of tens against jacks that ended just as badly as it looked preflop (8th, $ 22,409). The minimum consolation that Willo and Steve Enríquez found, another double SCOOP 2021 champion but in his cañí version. was that the champion is also handled in Castilian, Francisco Benítez “Tomatee”.

Who was busy on Saturday was Ka kwan lau, which made the final tables at the two highest levels of the event PLO 6-Max. He stayed out of the FT in both, but his were the best results of the day for Hispanics.

In NHL, what has to come from good on Saturday will be from the few tournaments that have been prepared to resume today. In the rest, empty.

Finished (> $ 500k. Top 50):

  • SCOOP # 53-M PKO Thursday Thrill $ 1,050: FiatEruditio“(Russia, $ 154,985) Field: 1,178 records. Best Spanish:”But I am“(30th, $ 4,122).
  • SCOOP # 58-M PLO 6-Max 530 $: jmslee21“(Canada, $ 47,505) Field: 537 records. Best Spanish:”kaju85“(9th, $ 5,477).
  • SCOOP # 58-H PLO 6-Max $ 5,200: Postponed. Field: 143 records. Better Spanish: “kaju85“(12th, $ 15,830).
  • SCOOP # 60-H 4-Max PKO $ 1,050: Luan Leonel Pseudo fruit“(Brazil, $ 41,692) Field: 249 records. Best Spanish:”Toneecho ??“(21st, $ 2,951).

Spaniards on Day 2:

  • SCOOP # 57-M Afternoon Deep Stack $ 109 (109 players out of 3,196): “que_te_crio“(57º),”But I am“(100º).

The GGPoker Spring Festival He has kept us on a diet for a few days. It is not for lack of attitude of the Spanish players, who continue to get good results in the daily tournaments.

For example, on Saturday there was a double of Juanki Vecino, who this month premiered nick and flag (“Little Pepe”, Estonia). Far more bearable than the hodgepodge of numbers and exclamations he’d chosen earlier. The summary is simple.

Monster Stack 250
Triple Chance 330

– Juanki (@ juanki9605) April 17, 2021

  • Little pepe“, 1st in the Triple Chance $ 330 (44 players, $ 4,107).
  • Little Pepe“, 1st in the Daily Monster Stack $ 250 (108 players, $ 5,462).
  • Pue3WIT“, 2nd in the Side Event $ 2,625 Blade Prime (19 players, $ 16,954).
  • Fossao“, 1st in the Fifty Stack $ 250 (263 players, $ 11,868).

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