The WSOP chest out for the figures of the Online festival 2020

By Ucatchers

The idea, which to many sounded like a poor substitute for the annual meeting in Rio, took on its own personality as soon as it landed in GGPoker, to play only 54 tournaments.

Very good figures for only 54 tournaments (WSOP)

Very good figures for only 54 tournaments (WSOP)

Moving the WSOP to the Internet It has turned out to be a resounding success, despite its rugged design and execution.

To begin with, it took forever for the WSOP to recognize that the health crisis made it impossible to schedule a festival in Rio. The evolution of the pandemic forced the closure of borders and social isolation in many countries already in the first half of March. The authorized voices of the organization did not begin to speak of the problem until a couple of weeks later, and not precisely to consider the idea of ​​canceling the event.

International players took for granted the impossibility of going to Las Vegas, and the WSOP continued to hint at a festival supported by local audiences. So until April 27, official date of the “temporary suspension”, less than a month from the “shuffle up and deal”.

The official argument went on to talk about some future WSOP in fall, but measures to alleviate the health crisis forced the governor of Nevada to close the Strip, a very bleak horizon three months ahead of the WSOP Europe.

It was around those dates that the option of taking the festival to an online room had to be given the green light. The transition was quick and painless, as the original tournament program itself presumed to contain more online events than ever, 14, and the partnership with GGPoker It had served to celebrate an online version of the WSOP Circuit in which the Asian room excelled – it was the first online festival to guarantee nine figures, $ 15M more than the WSOP itself, due to the difference in the number of tournaments.

However, previous doubts about the cancellation weighed on the making of the tournament schedule, which resulted in a strange hybrid whereby the first 33 tournaments were to be played on, where players must be geolocatable. A hodgepodge with which to overcome the obstacles imposed by the closed regulation of online poker in the cradle of the festival.

This decision has democratized the WSOP, but has certainly hurt the festival numbers, which did not quite take off until its local stage ended and made the leap to GGPoker, whose figures are those that this article deals with. Still, the WSOP has run into extraordinary numbers, the product of a commendable ambition that has led them to offer the largest online tournament in history and break the record for the largest field in the Series several times.

On the official website, they have chosen the figure of $ 150,000,000 distributed in prizes as a starter – compared to the $ 290,000,000 distributed in 2019, 54 tournaments against 90 – .. They could have looked for another, as there are more striking amounts, especially when compared to other virtual festivals. Judge for yourself

  • The biggest online tournament ever: 27,559,500 in Event # 77: WSOP Online $ 5K Main Event
  • The biggest single player online prize in a single tournament: 3,904,685 for Stoyan Madanzhiev, winner of the Main Event
  • Most registrations in a WSOP tournament: 44,576 in Event # 71: BIG 50
  • Average bag: $ 2,736,844
  • Registrations at the festival: 239,754
  • Tournaments with a purse of at least $ 1M: 45 (online record)
  • Tournaments with a purse of at least $ 5M: 5
  • Tournaments with a purse of at least $ 10M: 2
  • Tournaments with more than 10,000 registrations: 5
  • Multiple Event Winner: Alex Stasiak (Events # 33 and 52)
  • Players with the most final tables: There were 39 repeaters. Five of them played 3 FTs. (Michael Watson, Paul Teoh, Ajay Chabra, Bruno Butteon and Connor Drinan)
  • Armband players: 3 (Kristen Bicknell – Event # 44, Thi Truong – Event # 74 and Melika Razavi – Event # 82
  • Players with more than 10 boxes in 54 events: 281
  • Players with at least $ 100,000 in prizes: 203

Pokerfuse adds a few more achievements to the list:

  • Most millionaires in an online festival: 11
  • The Main Event becomes the 19th largest tournament in history, featuring WSOP Main Events, Big Ones, High Rollers and live tournaments.
  • Field record in a $ 5,000 orneo
  • The age of the camepeons in this edition is 33 years old.
  • GGPoker has cashed in rake $ 7.4M
  • Arnaud Enselme, from France, has obtained the most boxes, 21 out of 54.
  • The champions total more than $ 22M of the $ 147M distributed.

Of the possible autumn festival, nothing is known. At GG Poker, the WSOP has added an extra prize to many of the tournament winners, a gift that seems to indicate the next appointment on the agenda. The WSOP Online has handed over the baton sending 33 champions to the WSOPE Main Event, with a complete package of entry, accommodation and expenses.

If nothing goes wrong will take place at the King’s Casino in Rozvadov in early October, although this time they have been cured in health and no official agenda or dates have yet been set on the festival website.

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