The three most profitable markets in League of Legends

By Ucatchers

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Welcome to this small guide where we will try to get the most out of some not so popular markets, but interesting ones within League of Legends. Throughout this article we will develop markets beyond popular such as ‘Meeting Winner’ or ‘Total Maps’. At the end of it, we must be clear about some factors that are determining to seek profitability in these markets. Let’s start with the three most profitable markets in League of Legends.

Total victims

This is the market more complicated with difference from the three, because not always the ‘normal’ factors are those that mark the future of the same. It is important to assess the ways of playing of each team, since although we find ourselves with a match between a team much superior to the other, this does not have to be decisive in this market. Some teams superior to the rival, play the map more strategically and win by objectives without having to assassinate their rivals too much. Therefore, in this type of market it is crucial to assess the ways of playing the teams and how both tend to seek victory.

The best option to find the Over in these markets it is an encounter between equalized teams, since the changes of control in the game, generate many more fights and many more murders as a result.

In the opposite case, if we look for the Under, it is better to look for unbalanced matches where the superior team has a much better management of the objectives than the rival.

Total towers

Of the three markets, is one of the most volatile. In a League of Legends game, the minimum number of towers that will fall on a map is five. This market totally depends on the macro-strategic capacities of the teams involved in the meeting. It’s a tough market because League of Legends games are unpredictable. It may be that in a ranked game the market moves towards a higher number of towers or that the game even ends in a teamfight and a team decides to attack only one line until finishing with the opponent’s base.

The best option to find the Over in this market it is a meeting of a rival superior to the other. We must look for a good macro-strategic team that seeks to advance through all the streets pulling the maximum number of towers. Also, due to how the game has evolved and the inclusion of ‘Herald of the Rift’, the lower team usually gets one or two rooks no matter how defeated they come out of the match.

In the case of looking for the Under, the ideal is to look for teams that are fundamentally based on murder and teamfight, since these are focused on winning by snowball and they usually attack a single street to end the game.

Total Dragons / Barons

This market it totally depends on the way each team’s games are planned. It is a market that is better managed by teams for which macro-strategy is the best asset. It is normally linked to the duration of the game, since from the first dragon that appears in the game, at least 25 minutes must pass before five dragons can be killed. In today’s League of Legends, the Dragon Soul is a clear victory condition. For this reason, games usually have a minimum of four dragons, and the difference in level between the teams depends on whether there is a fifth or not.

Riot Games art image of their neutral monster 'Baron Nashor'Baron Nashor, neutral target of League of Legends.

In this market, to look for the Over, we need a game in which both teams are even. This is for two reasons: on the one hand, this equality will lengthen the game and with it, more dragons / barons will be obtained; and on the other, it is more likely that the team that does not have the dragon soul, has previously obtained one.

And to look for the UnderQuite the contrary: we will look for an unbalanced game where a team takes control of the objectives. In this scenario, said team will not leave room for the other team to get a dragon and / or extend the game long enough for there to be a ‘Elder Dragon’ or several Barons.

In conclusion, these three markets are the most profitable in League of Legends. And, of course, a very good alternative to conventional ones.

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