The Spanish team Alea iacta est goes to Phase 4 of the King5 of Winamax

By Ucatchers

Its components are el_muly, dliche, lukorap, dcasste, and Chust3r. !! Congratulations!!

Alea iacta is going to Phase 4 of King5

Alea iacta is going to Phase 4 of King5

The Tuesday the first day of the Phase 3 of the promotion King5 from Winamax. Of the 300 teams that are still in competition, 20 teams qualified for Phase 4 In a direct way.

The French squad Take 5 She was the first classified, with 1,656.8 points, ahead of her compatriots from Blackcats (1,474.5) and Vaccine dans tout (1,345.5).

In the winning team, he highlighted the performance of the player “.NET”, Who managed to remove 8 participants from the tournament, adding a total of 826.5 points for his team.

Only a spanish team of the 23 participants made it through the round: -Alea iacta est-, which finished in 16th place.º. Its components are “el_muly“,”dliche“,”lukorap“,”dcasste” and “Chust3r”. !! Congratulations!!

We still have a lot of competition left. The next Tuesday the 2nd day of the Phase 3, which will classify another 20 squads. Also in this phase there will be a play-off, from which another 10 teams will come out.

The Phase 4 It will be played on Tuesday, April 20 and 8 teams will remain in competition.

The quarter finals They will be played on Wednesday, April 21.

The semifinals They will be played on Thursday, April 22.

And the Grand finale It will be on Friday, April 23.

These are the awards that will receive the 300 top teams:

  • 1st: Registration of the entire team for the WSOP Main Event ($ 10k), plus € 1,600 in cash per player for expenses.
  • 2nd: Registration of the entire team to play two WSOP $ 1.5k and $ 1k tournaments, plus € 1,600 in cash per player for expenses.
  • 3rd and 4th: registration for the members of the two teams to play a $ 1k entry tournament at the WSOP, plus € 1,600 in cash per player for expenses.
  • 5th-8th: 20 packages for a Winamax Live festival (€ 500 buy-in), plus € 600 per player for expenses.
  • 9th-50th: Online tournament tickets worth € 100 for each player (€ 500 for the team).
  • 51st-300th: online tournament tickets worth € 50 for each player (€ 250 for the team).

If you have questions or want to access more information about this promotion, consult the pages of King5 on the Winamax website.

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