The Six Invitational returns on February 9 to the city of Paris

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Full Esports - The Six Invitational returns on February 9 to the city of Paris

On Monday, January 18, Ubisoft’s competitive plans were announced. After a year of darkness due to the pandemic, during the month of February the Six Invitational will take place. In them 20 best Rainbow Six teams to duel for being crowned the best in the world.

The Six Invitational will be held in person without an audience

After an infuriating year for the world in general, where esports have been able to row against the current, returns one of the best experiences for proplayers. The format will be similar to the League of Legends Worlds held during the month of October. Teams will travel to headquarters, but the event will be held without public.

This year the players will not be able to feel the heat of the stands during their matches / R6Esports

BDS, Giants, Cloud9 and TSM start as favorites

The 20 teams are already known that they will face in the Six Invitational. Among big names like Ninjas in Pajamas, Faze Clan or G2 Esports, there are certain teams whose competitive merits over the past year make them stand out above average.

Team BDS began sweeping in the European League. It was in the second stage of the Six Major, the highest caliber tournament prior to the Six Invitational, where they fell against a Team Empire in a resounding way. If they can regain their previous form will be serious candidates for the title

TSM features one of Rainbow 6’s most iconic players, Jason Doty “Beaulo”. Despite losing in the first leg of the Six Major, they have not seen defeat again, beating Spacestation Gaming 3: 1 in their last tournament. Scary.

Finally, mention the duo of Giants and Cloud9. The two organizations have their Rainbow 6 teams in the North Pacific area. They have had a dialogue throughout the season, with the Koreans winning first and then Singapore. Both have chances also to dominate during the tournament.

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