The SCOOP has for the first time $ 100M guaranteed start in .com

By Ucatchers

The different Main Events, divided into low, medium and high levels, for NLHE and PLO, have been allocated $ 15M. The festival will have 300 more tournaments.

SCOOP 2021 on

SCOOP 2021 on

The Spring Championship of Online Poker is right around the corner in the international client of Pokerstars.

The festival It is scheduled to start on April 4, and will consist of 102 events with three increasing levels of buy-in, for a total of 306 tournaments. The sum of all those guaranteed for the 23 days of the festival reaches for the first time the $ 100M start-up.

Care must be taken in the use of adjectives and in comparisons with other editions. We do not know if what happened in 2020 is fresh in your memory, but it is complicating the writing of this introduction a bit.

Last year, SCOOP was going to kick off with 240 tournaments and $ 85M guaranteed. With the promotion now in press, GGPoker announced its WSOP Circuit Online megafestival, with higher figures, including the magical new figures in the guaranteed. Pokerstars fought back by expanding the SCOOP, adding 12 days and 132 tournaments, bringing the total amount of the promised starting bags to $ 135M, once the sum was corrected.

In 2021, Pokerstars has opted for the middle street. Do not abandon the path of more and better, and significantly expands the original calendar from last year, but in all fairness we cannot qualify it as the greatest SCOOP in history. For now, there is still surprise again.

Nor can we strictly talk about the duration of the festival, because, technically, SCOOP-01 is already in play, a multiflight event. 20 players have already achieved a passport for day 2, and there are 180 rivals who have already suffered their first elimination from SCOOP

The event that immediately springs to the eye is, of course, the Main Event. It is double, as has been the custom in recent COOPs, with a version from NLHE and another from PLO.

On April 25, a player willing to spend at least a record of $ 109, $ 1,050 and $ 10,300 for each of the ME buy-in levels, you will find yourself opting for $ 13M in guarantees, $ 3M for the lowest and $ 5M for each of the rest.

The schedule also includes 15 $ 1M tournaments, two $ 1.25M tournaments – the Sunday Million on April 4 and 11 – and another $ 1.5M, the $ 25,000 High Roller.

Players who show more regularity at the festival will have a little extra in prizes thanks to the return of the leaderboards.

Those interested have multiple routes of entry to the tournaments.

The SCOOP Sit & Gos have prize tickets and the SCOOP Fast Track (steps) and the SCOOP Ticket Machine (draws among registrants) are active. The most classic will opt for satellites.

As a warm-up, it doesn’t hurt to remember the final table of last year’s Main Event. It was a very special tournament, with Lex Veldhuis’ record of viewings on Twitch and 609 participants. It ended with a pact between Alex DiFelice, Pablo Brito and the anonymous “Alexgirs”, who won the final triumph. The three shared around $ 2.5M.

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