The SCOOP had very pleasant surprises for Boscá and Colillas

By Ucatchers

The hangover from the day on Sunday was very pleasant for both Team Pro Ramón Colillas and Gordon0410. And new options have been opened.

Sunday hangover

Sunday hangover

The account book for Sunday Spring Championship of Online Poker It has been closed with sensible benefits for Spanish players.

Those who had the most pending of the days 2 scheduled for last night were “NutsinMacadá” Y “gordon0410“, that they had invitations for the smaller fields, of only twenty-something players.

The two complied and made it to the final table, and were joined by a third, Ramon Colillas, who signed up for a party in which the only but that can be put is that the cake did not have icing in the form of a title.

We started with our Team Pro, which started ninth on day 2 of SCOOP # 31-M Sunday Kickoff $ 109, where there were still 61 players to decide their order of classification. Ramón defended his place in the FT and improved the final position to fourth place, awarded with $ 21,794.

The tournament ended with a curious pact between the Poles “GrkZorba” and “garze_wami” in which the player with the fewest chips in the ICM distribution ended up winning heads-up and equalized the prizes almost to the last dollar.

Vicent Boscá got even better results, both economically and competitively.

In the SCOOP # 31-H 8-Max $ 1,050, “gordon0410” outpointed all but one of his rivals, Swedish nightmare Niklas Astedt “Lena900”, who beat the Spaniard head-to-head for his fifth SCOOP pike, second in No Limit Hold’em.

Boscá recovered the amount of the three tickets used and an extra $ 60,000 for reaching the end of the phase and falling before the boss.

The third final table was the bittersweet, and it was the one that almost escaped Pedro Ivars at SCOOP # 32-H PKO $ 2,100.

No reproach can be made to Pedro, who defended the ninth place in which the game began, although seeing Jonah Silverstein “RaiseUpBlind” win $ 136,452 for the victory suggests a missed opportunity, albeit with a consolation prize of 13,836$.

This day also brought the triumph of the holándes Teun Mulder “tinnoemulder”, which with this title repeats that of 2020 and completes the cycle of victories in the Stadium Series, the Blowout Series, the WCOOP and again in the SCOOP, and always in high buy-in tournaments such as the SCOOP 33-H Special $ 5k High Roller who took home yesterday.

The rest of the tournaments on Monday have left us another complete menu of options open for a new Hispanic triumph, which would be the third in the festival.

Finished (> $ 500k. Top 50):

  • SCOOP # 32-M PKO 215 $: “Ball_Violin“(Netherlands, $ 95,139) Field: 4,492 records. Best Spanish:”zÿax“(17, $ 6,993).
  • SCOOP # 33-L Mini Sunday Million SE $ 55: “Mr. Havener“(Brazil, $ 110,781). Field: 21,531 records.
  • SCOOP # 33-H High Roller Club SE $ 5,200: Teun Muldertinnoemulder“(Netherlands, $ 247,088). Field: 257 records. Best Spanish:”Amadi_017“(44th, OTM).
  • SCOOP # 35-M 6-Max 109 $: “zerodeda“(Finland, $ 77,491) Field: 5,450 records. Best Spanish:”old juan5“(38th, $ 951).
  • SCOOP # 35-H 6-Max $ 1,050: Goran mandic mandza17“(Croatia, $ 131,550) Field: 775 records.

Spaniards on Day 2:

  • SCOOP # 37-M 6-Max PKO $ 215 (99 players out of 4,506): “Amadi_017“(33º).
  • SCOOP # 39-M $ 109 (186 players out of 2,946): “KingKomeron“(25th).
  • SCOOP # 39-H $ 1,050 (49 players out of 352): “Amadi_017“(29th).

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