The new map of Valorant Foxtrot at the center of a big leak

By Ucatchers

The first details on the upcoming Valorant map appear to have leaked ahead of an official announcement. From the new location to when it will be available, here’s everything you need to know.

When Valorant was first launched, players only received three maps: Haven, Bind and Split. Since then, their layouts have undergone a number of drastic changes, and two new maps have been added to the mix. With Ascent and Icebox arriving in subsequent updates, the total map count is now at five. However, Riot Games is still not really satisfied. With the aim of “accelerating the next maps”, the developers believe that “getting to seven is a good starting point”. Just a few months after Icebox was released it seems that the next map may also arrive sooner than expected. The first leaks revealed the first details of the sixth map of Valorant. Here’s what we know.

The details remain scarce but one thing that has been spot on from multiple sources is the name of the next map. In keeping with the simple, one-word names of the others, the sixth map of Valorant will be called “Foxtrot”. This information came to light on March 31st, though ValorLeaks assured it wasn’t part of any April Fool’s joke. Foxtrot might just be a codename: after all, it is the sixth letter of NATO’s phonetic alphabet. However, if it does come out with that name, it might have some sort of military theme.

In addition to the name, the leaks also gave us a first listen to his new soundtrack. Each map comes with its own unique theme upon upload and it looks like that for Foxtrot it will be no different. Leaked loading screen music has a unique tropical style melody with undeniable Valorant tones superimposed on the rest. This may indicate a more exotic location for the next map. Lying on a beach with this background music would be perfect.

New “Foxtrot” Unreleased Map Loading Music:

Because of this audio, I highly assume the map will be tropical / exotic themed.

– Valorant Express – Datamining (@ValorantExpress) March 31, 2021

The latest information leaked are part of this year’s Riot April Fool’s Day. Agents of Romance is an ironic dating simulator starring the characters of Valorant. As part of this joke though, some background images seem to have predicted the next location in Valorant. While we see some familiar areas, a frame with Cypher appears to reveal a new tropical region. Palm trees can be seen in the distance while Cypher crosses the beach on his romantic grounds. This may be a one-of-a-kind artwork created just for April Fool’s Day, but it could also be our first look at what’s to come in Foxtrot.

Outside of this leaked information, nothing official has yet been shared by the developers. That said, we can still try to predict when map number six will arrive. Icebox was launched five months ago on October 13th as part of act three episode one. If history repeats itself, Foxtrot could be cast as part of Episode 2 Act 3. The next act will kick off on April 21st, which means Foxtrot may be just around the corner. obviously we will have to wait for official confirmation from Riot. However, with information already starting to leak, it’s safe to assume that we will see the next map as soon as possible.

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